What does nutmeg look like?

  1. Macy the SA at Chloe in NY told me the current colors of paddies that they have in stock. She mentioned nutmeg. I have never seen or heard of this color....description or perhaps pictures from anyone? Is it new, is it old?
  2. Never heard of this color either- sounds like a whiskey or maybe muscade to me?
  3. Sounds like a new version of whiskey to me, too.

    Unless...... it's the new 'orange' colour...? Not sure.

    It sounds heavenly though.....:yahoo: :love:
  4. She mentioned orange as a color so I don't think she was referring to it. I was also told there was a gazelle which is tan and taupe which is a khaki. I should have asked her more about nutmeg. All of these colors are so confusing to me.
  5. muscade is the french word for Nutmeg, so I am guessing it is that colour :biggrin:
  6. Thanks Chloe Babe...you were exactly right! It is the one I am going to get! I called back and put one on hold. They were closing and it seemed no one wanted to bother ringing up the sale tonight-thats a little disappointing. He said go in your pantry and look at your nutmeg spice and that is exactly what it looks like. he said it was a nice cinammon tone. Not orange like whiskey, but a milky chocolate color. he said the texture was very grainy/pebbly...which is awesome.

    I am doing it! I have waffled between whiskey, grenat, gris, and this sounds perfect for me. Neutral, but with depth! They just got them 2 days ago so there are quite a few there I was told!
  7. ahhhh congrats Triplets, so glad you have made up your mind, and you have gone for a colour that has not been over worn yet!! I am sure, though, it will just be the start of your paddy obsession :biggrin:
  8. Congrats! be sure to post pics! I feel like I am cheating on my Balenciagas, but am dying to try the paddy. Let us know how you like it!
  9. Nice choice Triplets!!

    Can't wait for pics as I haven't seen any of the newest colors IRL!! Did you get the transaction closed with Chloe?
  10. I am joining you Triplets5!
    I just called the boutique and also ordered a 'nutmeg' paddington. AWW I am so scared! I hope I absolutely love it. Unfortunately I can't get to the store myself, so I am totally relying on the SA who was helping me. I'll let you know...... :shocked: (this is how I look right now - I can't believe what I have just done!)
  11. I ordered mine to! I looked it up at LVR to see the color but am not relying on that too much. I am really hoping that Jason at Chloe did it justice when telling me all about the color. I asked for a really pebbly one! I will post pics when it gets here. YEAH!!
  12. I sent my SA the picture from LVR saying this is what I think it looks like and what I am expecting to recieve - unless her computer is way off she said that is exactly what the nutmeg looks like! YAY! :yahoo: We tried to verbally comminucate the color back and forth and I thought it might be simpler for her to see what I was trying to explain. I guess we will both know in a short while. Mine is scheduled for a Tuesday delivery :tender: I won't sleep until then.....
  13. Both of you, please post pictures when your babies come! :yahoo:

    I remember when I asked my SA at Saks to describe a Chloe Edith before sending to me. I implored her, "Is is scrumply and pebbled? Is she smooshy?" Diane (SA) paused before hesitantly replying "Why yes, it is pebbly...the leather is quite...smooshy". It was the funniest thing. It was almost as if she didn't know what I wanted to hear. Hearing her say the word smooshy uncertaintly was great.

    They must us nuts. :lol:
  14. The SA at Chloe actually used the word grainy...but he assured me that he really looked for a nice one for me. Now am I thinking I may need the gris color for my Anniversary/B-day/Christmas present. You know, just one special, combination gift to cover all those occasions!! I hope my husband likes that idea also. I have 4 children, including 15 month old triplets. I have nice clothes but in my situation it is seldom worth wearing them and getting them filthy. So handbags are my new, guilty little pleasure. Last night I got to take my new Prada cervo antic bag out to dinner for the 1st time. Mind you I had on Havianas, Nike workout shorts and a t-shirt, but by gosh, the handbag looked good!!
  15. The SA at their NY store also described them as "grainy" but I saw them in person and they do mean pebbled. :yes: The "less grainy" are smooth and more stiff.