What does NM Fashion Island have in stock right now?

  1. Anyone know? :flowers:
  2. I was there tonight. Here's what I can remember seeing:

    French Blue RH Day!!!!!
    Vert Gazon RH PT!!!
    Rouge vermilion giant hobo
    black giant hobo
    Marron RH Day
    Sandstone RH weekender
    Truffle RH brief
    LOTS of black gold GH bags: Brief, Day, Men's Day, Weekender, Work


    Their phone # is (949) 759 1900. Ask for Farideh the SA and tell her that her doctor sent you. :smile:
  3. I went there yesterday. I can only remember the Rouge vermilion giant hobo. It's stuning!!!
  4. I'll be there today--stay tuned.... :graucho:
  5. Just bumping this thread to say that they got their FW stuff in today. This is what I saw:

    plomb SGH women's Besace
    plomb SGH city
    mogano SGH PT
    mogano RH Day
    plomb RH first
    pine RH step
    pine RH work
    olive GGH Besace
    olive GGH city (I think)
    white GGH PT, city, work
    mastic GGH PT
    navy RH work (not ocean - I don't know what color - but it was GORGEOUS!)

    They had a whole bunch of briefs and RH Days, too. I got totally distracted by my seeing the anniversary bag, though. :graucho:
  6. There are b-bags at this NM?!? :wtf: This NM is on Newport Drive in Newport Beach, right? I know this sounds stupid but I'm a Canadian visiting SoCal this week. I was at the Chanel boutique and also saw other bags (Prada, Bottega) but not Bal. I must've been blind.

    Could someone be so kind to tell me where b-bags are displayed -- floor/department?
  7. That navy RH work is Mer Fonce aka Marine :yes:
  8. Yes!! It's on the first floor. When you are facing the exit to the parking lot (not the mall exit), it is on your far right. You must, must go back. They literally just got a shipment of new Bbags yesterday. If you were in the Chanel area, you were very close by. Happy shopping!
  9. Thanks so much for the info, luvmygirls0! Eeek, I can't believe I was so close but missed them altogether! Yes, I will definitely go back this weekend. :drool:
  10. thanks for the info. i usually have to go to maxfield's or Barney's for bbags.
  11. ^^

    wow... gold giant hardware weekender???
    does NM ship internationally?

    i want i want i want
  12. omg.....the navy (marine) work RH is what i want....but can't afford right now....waaaaaaaaaaaah
  13. I went there today. they have
    Violet work SGH
    Jaune work SGH (last one on hold).
    Ocean part-time SGH,
    LE NM 100th bag.
    Brief in ivory or white(not so sure) with SGH ... such a stunning bag
    White day GGH
    Tomato work SGH
    Tabac day SGH
    Blue Glacier GGH weekender
    Anthr RH weekender
    Anthr GGH work
    Anthr GGH hobo
    Ocean SGH RTT
    Magano(?? not sure) SGH part time
    some black color bbags, I can't remember in what style.
    and some non-moto style bags
    That's all I can recall so far. sorry :p
  14. Great update ... I think I'll go down this week to check out the Oceans. Do you happen to remember how the leather was on the PT?