What does "nice patina" mean...

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  1. Sometimes I read on threads ppl write that some bags have a nice patina and I really don't understand what that means...I'm so new to this line...I need to learn A LOT!!!:shame:
  2. Patina is the coloring the vachetta leather achieves over time. If you use a bit of care, you will achieve a pretty honey or deep amber color that is highly desirable to most people.
  3. So long as you don't abuse your bag, won't all of them develop the honey color? I searched the forum and it sounds like we shouldn't spray our bags or do anything to treat the leather.
  4. Hi vagabag! A "nice" or good patina to me means even honey color, could be lighter, could be darker. But it's really a personal preference. I know some people don't like any patina at all.

    I spray Kiwi brand water and stain repellent spray on the vachetta. The repellent does not prevent patina, but it protects against some accidental spills, stains, etc.
  5. Nice = even colouring and CLEAN :smile:
  6. I think this is just a personal preference. I do spray my bags with Apple Guarde, and I could not imagine not spraying them. I have always been happy with the results, and it has not affected the patina as far as I can tell.
  7. When the leather changes it develops a patina. Some love it others do not. I wish it could stay light and bright.

  8. :yes:...I always find patina preferences interesting....

    It used to be people loved a nice dark honey or even an amber patina...it was a bit of a status symbol, the darker the patina, the older your bag...it showed you were a long time owner...kind of an 'old money' type thing. I remember my mom leaving her new bags in the window for days on end, carefully turning it every day or so, to make sure it 'tanned' evenly. She wouldn't even consider wearing a bag out for weeks, if not months...light vachetta was considered gauche.

    Now it seems more and more people prefer to keep their vachetta as light as possible.
  9. I don't mind the patina, but I want it to be even looking. Does it just turn that way after wear? Does it like oxidize with the air?

    After it has reached the patina, does it keep getting darker?
  10. Vachetta on my bag.

    Brand new:


    A year later, with a slight patina:


    See the color change? I can't help the darkening of the handles. I try to keep it clean with baby wipes, though. I can't wait for the patina to be even darker.
  11. It looks so good!! But the top handle area, is that darker?^
  12. I think a nice patina is one that is even and clean.
  13. yes. I can't help it. it's handheld and I have clammy hands.

    so the nice patina on my bag would be the ones excluding the handle. LOL
  14. That bag is real cute. What's the name of it?
  15. Damier Geant Couguar in earth