What does "new" mean to you???

  1. It's back!


    And again being advertised as "New" without Tags even though....

    - one pocket has been cut off
    - the stretch cord has been cut off
    - the caribiner is missing (because the cord is gone)
    - the qee is missing (this I could forgive...)
    - and.... wait for it... it's been "USED twice"
  2. :wtf: Is wrong with people??

    When I saw the title to the thread I was like, Oh, NO!! I thought maybe you ordered something and got it in used condition...I was :sweatdrop: for you.
  3. pshh..new my butt lol. New means BUYING FROM THE STORE to me. If something is on eBay, I don't really see it as NEW unless they just bought it from the store that day lol. If it was sitting in their dilapatated house..it ain't new. haha.
  4. HAHA.. i went to check it out and there's no qee either!

    I did a Ask Seller Question and sent this to her:

    Hello! =) It says NEW on the title, but in the description it says it's been used twice. So it's not new then right? Just making sure. Thanks! =)
  5. It looks like someone tried to get rid of the mesh pockets - gave up and tried to sell it!
  6. Was there something similar a while ago on evil-bay???
  7. This is the same one. It's being resold by the buyer.
  8. okay, then not only it isn't new, it's also a second hand:yucky:
  9. NO WAY...this is the buyer of Frankie's cousin re-selling it :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. Hahah. Frankie's going to be back up any second. Missing the other strap!!
  11. So this bag is technically third hand? :shrugs: hahah thats soo funny
  12. Is this really the same bag that was posted on eBay not too long ago. I know it looks like it but I thought there were some bids on that bag. Unless the poor dumb schmuck who won it decided they just couldn't go through with buying it.
  13. oh my..this really disturbs me.
  14. Yes that is correct. The buyer is reselling it.
  15. That one pocket on the side is what gets me.....