What does Neiman or Nordie normally do for Thanksgiving?

  1. Does anyone know what Neiman or Nordstrom normally offer for the morning of the black Friday?

    I am just wondering if there would be anything big like the 30% that Neiman had last week. It was just awesome.
  2. Nordstrom doesn't do too much. They do have some "doorbusters"--special buys in each department. I remember that last year they had some nice pins for $15, jackets for $30, fleece for $15, etc. The items are limited in quantity.

    I also heard that they're starting their Designer Sale on the 28th--that includes clothing and bags.
  3. i've never seen any Nordies door buster deals for black friday and I go every year. the best is at Saks where they offer an extra 30% or something like that before 11am. One year NM had something like that but last year they had nothing at all - just a bunch of sale racks but nothing that rewards you for getting off your butt at 7am in the morning to get to the mall at 8am.
  4. aahh, i think i need a Saks card, but the one in Tysons has nothing what so ever, sigh, maybe need to go check out the one in chevy chase later....there is just nothing i need to buy, but i really want to get something during the next triple points event.
  5. Does anyone know if Marc Jacobs will be included in the Designer Sale and how much the discount is? Thanks!