What does Neiman Marcus call French Blue?

  1. Does NM have some other color name for French Blue besides French Blue? TIA!
  2. Sorry ...I do not know the answer to your question but I do have some experience I would like to share. I don't know what they call French Blue but every time I call NM to inquire about they inventory I feel like I am speaking a different language. I asked for a rouge vermillion.. and the SA asked me "does it go by any other name?" I guess their system uses codes that do not translate to the names we are familiar with. And they don't know the styles ... they call the part time the "east west" bag... and they also have a "north south" bag:confused1:. Pretty ridiculous how people are unfamiliar with the product they are trying to sell. But that might be my NM in particular. Its probably easier if you give the the year and the season and then tell them it is the blue of that season. Good luck.
  3. You have to understand though that Neiman Marcus employees can only go by what they are told (along with their buyer's books for the handbags). If the NM Buyers decide that FW 06 CAMEL will be called TEAK instead, that's the only name that the SA would know and not the OFFICIAL Balenciaga name (even Barneys is like that!).

    So sometimes, there are cases that the SA is not clueless but simply being taught a different name for each bag - also remember they are dealing with more than just one Designer brand.
  4. SPAY_AND_NEUTER which style are you looking for? I know NM only ordered a few styles in the French Blue.

    Sometimes NM sticks with the French names of the colors so maybe asking them for BLEU de FRANCE? LOL, I know, I know, it's almost the same in english but you never know! :nuts:
  5. ICB - Did NM order the city in the French Blue?