What does "nappa umbria" mean?

  1. Sorry for this dumb question but I would be grateful if anyone could tell me what "nappa umbria" means. :confused1: I saw it used in relation to a sloane (which I love). Newbie here - only discovered the beauty of BV recently. Now I am living vicariously through all of you.:smile: I even feel like I own a Veneta already just by visting TPF every day!

    PS. Does anyone know whether "Limo" and "Old Petra" will be making a comeback this S/S? I want a Sloane in it :heart:.
  2. Not a dumb question at all, Minda ~ it had a lot of us confused for a while. :yes: Here's a thread on it ~ nappa is lambskin and nappa umbria is a waxed, treated lambskin.


    It was once rumored Limo may become a classic, returning color so it's possible the Sloane will appear again in that shade. I believe Old Petra may have been limited to last spring... too bad because it's lovely!
  3. A million thanks blugenie! :smile: Your Limo Nappa Umbria Sloane is really lovely. DROOL! I want one too.

    A follow up question : does BV use nappa (ie. lambskin) for all Venetas and Sloanes (whether umbria or not)? Uneducated me was under the impression that BV leather was calf leather! :shocked: Gee - this may shock the entire BV loving community!
  4. ^LOL! Not a horror - I see sellers on eBay refer to it as calf too ~ even authentic ones... (except the fakes are probably horse! poor horsey!) Even sites like NM just say "leather".

    There are special edition Venetas made of other leathers like Syma's goatskin rivet veneta, ostrich, I'm sure there are more ~ hopefully the real experts will chime in. Otherwise the current generation of classic Venetas are nappa, and Sloanes so far have been NU. BV does other styles in goat, deerskin and calf too. It's often hard to tell just looking at the bag, especially online. I don't get to see BV IRL often which is why this forum is such a great resource.... someone usually has the answer to any question!!

    Did you receive your camel Veneta yet? Funny, that's the color I was really looking for last spring when I found Limo instead. Just shows you the color you want will eventually come around. Hopefully your first BV will be your top choice! :tup:
  5. Hi, Minda! If it weren't for this forum I'd have no idea there were different leathers used by BV, so this is the right place for any and all questions!

    I believe the ombre bags were made of calf (I vaguely remember someone saying that on another thread) which makes them stiffer than the normal nappa leather.

    I really hope BV brings back some form of limo and old petra. I missed out on old petra last spring and really regret it.
  6. Thanks blugenie! About the camel Veneta.... my order got cancelled by Bergdorf as I didn't know that they only accept American Express from non-US customers! If only I knew of this policy (they should have told me), I would have used Amex instead of Visa. I'm still very sore about it :crybaby: since it was at such a good price. Bluefly was my second resort but their large camel Veneta is sold out too. Sobs. It was not meant to be.
  7. Thanks ouija board. What does "ombre" bags refer to? :confused1: Does it refer to the bags where the color is graduated? I have seen some BV bags with different gradations of beige and green and thought they were lovely. TIA.
  8. Minda, I've seen old petra pop up on eBay from time to time. With regards to the Nappa Umbria all the others who have posted here are correct about the wax finish on the Nappa, some also say that it gives a tonal appearence to the weave. Here's a pick of my Old Petra sloane to demonstrate the tonal variations....(sorry if I keep posting this pic but I think it does show NU very well!)
    OP Sloane.JPG
  9. I have a question on this topic- does the nappa umbria also have dyed edges on the leather strips? I notice that on a few of the bag posted on the forum, especially the ferro's, seem to have whiter edges. I had always thought that all BV's had the dyed edges.
  10. Thanks Syma! Excellent photography indeed - the picture shows up the tonal appearance very well. Your bag is gorgeous! :drool: Having seen the regular nappa and nappa umbria, I prefer the latter as the regular nappa appears more "flat". I am now on the hunt for a Sloane nappa umbria!!!
  11. There are no dumb questions! There is probably more expert information here from the PF members than the average BV SA has. Certainly more than the department stores that sell BV, in my experience.

    We all learn when questions come up. I've never had a NU bag, so it's good to hear what people have to say about it.
  12. Minda, yes the ombre bags are the ones with the gradation of color; they did come in green, camel, and red.
  13. I'm curious about this too... I can't tell that my lighter NU bags have dyed edges, but the contrast is definitely much less dramatic than it is with the Ferro. I was surprised (pleasantly!) at Ferro's whiter edges - it creates a very interesting visual.

    Perhaps someone with a dark bag like Moro will chime in ~ are the edges of the weave dark, or light like Ferro? Or NWpurselover, you had a Moro briefly, yes? (sorry to bring up a bad subject!!:shame:smile: Do you recall?
  14. ^^I saw a roma in the moro color and the edges are defiintely dark brown, no contrast like with ferro. I agree with blugenie, I like the way it looks on the ferro bags--the grey would look dull and flat without the lighter edges.
  15. blugenie, you remember! I don't recsall the edges being so white on the moro and that was why I am curious why the edges on the ferro seem whiter.