what does myrtille go with?

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  1. ok so now that i'm getting my dream bag i am racking my brain to think if what i can wear it with. obviously black (yay my coat is black!) and white and red but what else? i hope i didn't buy something i can't wear with anything!

  2. I think you could definetly wear it with those colors. Blue & pink also go nice together in the summer. Or even go monochromatic and do a lighter shade of blue.
    It will look smoking hot against black pants and some kind of colored top!
  3. ooh hadn't thought monochromatic! fabulous!
  4. I think blue goes with almost anything, and if you wear jeans a lot, even better
  5. I have the myrtile petite noe and I love it with khaki, olive, chocolate brown, navy, white, cream , burgandy, grey and of course black.. it even looks great with baby blue. I was suprised after I got it how much it looks good with .. its def an accent piece but it really is quite neutral. Enjoy!
  6. TURTLE!

    Oh wait...you asked what it goes with, not what it rhymes with. :Push:
  7. I would say that it should go with all colors depending on the shade of each color.
  8. It's a very versatile color. It would look gorgeous with cream, though. I do think it looks good with brown and black, too. It also looks good with similar intensities of yellow and orange(that whole color contrast/compliment thing). Maybe use it to bring out a similar shade of blue in a pattern or knit sweater. I have a pretty fine guage dark orange knit sweater with little specks of blue in it---something like that would look great.
  9. oooh i never even thought of orange! and i have fabulous cream pants and a top that has accents of the same blue! omg i am getting excited all over again! thanks ladies!

    and lol to jazzy! it actually doesn't rhyme with turtle which is what the SA told me when she corrected me. LOL
  10. ^^ seriously? oh man I've been mispronouncing it all along! how are you supposed to say it?
  11. mer- teal.

    i got so called out on that by the SA. lol. i didn't even TRY to say batignolles. LOL
  12. Grey, beautiful with grey wool slack and cream turtleneck,,,yum
  13. OOH another good choice! i was debating grey. i am getting more excited by the minute! thank you all for the suggestions! keep them coming if you have more!
  14. is it wierd to plan your outfit around yoru bag the first time you wear it?
  15. ^^^Remember where you are hlfinn! I don't think anyone here would find that weird at all!:P Have fun and I personally think the myrtille is a very neutral, versatile color. You can't really go wrong....enjoy!