What does my collection WANT?

  1. Today I was laying outside by my pool and i was thinking about my LV collection and my current LV fund... well i cam to a conclusion, i need something lV this week! But i dont know what... im pretty happy with my bags, im in love with my wallet(s), i have a wapity, and i have a blackberry for organizing my life... what the heck do i need? any suggestions?
  2. How about a Macau! Or maybe a pair of sneakers?
  3. do you have a keepall? I think every collection should have one.
  4. Agreed!!~ or perhaps a carryall.
  5. Keepall would be great!
    Or kill off something on your wishlist like the T&B pochette!
  6. ^I agree, start with the wishlist :heart:
  7. I agree.:yes: You can never have too many LV shoes.:tup:
  8. so shoes or keepall or T&B are what i would get :biggrin:
  9. A keepall would be great, or some hot shoes, or a belt, or scarf, OMG there's just so much lol. Go to the store and see what catches your eye first!
  10. damier pochette accessories!
  11. i have a keepall andi agree EVERYONE should have one, anyway i was thinking about something besides my list because im already working on those lol
  12. unfortunately, LV doesnt carry my size, if they did I'd be super broke
  13. Go to your LV boutique and browse......you probably won't leave empty-handed!!
  14. what about some more vernis, you can never have enough vernis :smile:
  15. Something in amarante, perhaps?

    OT: OMG, Steve, I LOVE that cerises on your signature..! :heart: Is that for real? :p Where is that?