What does my collection need ?

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  1. Looking at this photo of my collection, what do you think I should add to it next? I'm thinking smaller items as I really love my bags!
    This is for fun but I genuinely want to get some suggestions and why you think I should add that item!
    Let's put a budget of $1000 Canadian

  2. Beautiful collection! How about a smaller bag like Eva, Favorite, or Twice?
  3. I was going to suggest Eva or Favorite as well!

  4. Thank you! Eva has been on my mind lately...
  5. Hmmm... Eva..
  6. Not sure the exchange rate but some color would be nice - twinset in mono/red or my preference in empriente
  7. guess you like the speedy style very much! me too!
    for smaller bag within the budget, I would say eva, favorite, see what kind of opening you like. also the pochette nm is an option, which is almost the same size as eva, you can get long strap to wear it crossbody.
  8. I'm thinking add a Felice, Twinset, Cosmetic Bag or Neverfull. :smile:
  9. I vote for Eva
  10. How about a new wallet? Maybe something bright/colorful from the Vernis or Empreinte collection?
  11. Definite vote for a pop of color. Epi or empriente!
  12. I was thinking of the Favorite MM.

    For SLG:
    Emilie wallet in Epi
    Normandy wallet
  13. 1+ or an Alma!
  14. I just thought of Noe in BB size. :P
  15. Vote for favorite