What does my Balenciaga bag's tag mean?

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  1. Hi ladies (and gents?), This is my first post so please bear with me for being so blonde! I did see this topic in a thread on the reference tab, but it didn't really help me as I am such a novice and need things explained to me like a child.

    Anyway, I am an avid Chanel and Louis Vuitton collector and understand every date code or tag on those things. But ... the tags on my lone Balenciaga bag are another story. I can't make heads or tails of them and I was hoping someone could decipher and tell me what they mean.

    The bag is a smaller brown leather bag with hand straps and a shoulder strap, what I believe is called the "motorcycle" style though I'm not sure because I haven't been avidly following the label. The front of the tag (the silver rectangle) says, under BALENCIAGA.PARIS: "No. 2719W" and under that on the third line says: "103208." On the back of the tag, on the leather in a smaller font, it says: "1669" and below that it says "made in italy."

    What does it all mean?
  2. Welcome, ilovemrjones!!!
    Ok, let's break this down...
    The "2719" is what we believe to be the leather batch number. "W" is the season (Fall/Winter 2006), and "103208" is the style/model number for your bag (known as the First or Classique).

    On the back of the tag, the "1669" would be the serial number. But, I also wanted to ask you is this number by itself, or does it also have the 103208 right before it?

    You may have already seen this thread, but here is a great reference on how to read the tag. :smile:

  3. The tag just says "1669" on the back on the first line, followed by "made in italy" on the next line. Is the 103208 supposed to be on the back, too? This is a genuine bag for sure, and I can post pics if necessary. What does it mean if the serial number is only "1669"?
  4. Here are the photos of the tag. Perhaps a photo of the placement of the 1669 would be a clue of what it means? I am so bad at explaining things. Thanks ahead of time for any help.
    balenciaga1.jpg balenciaga2.jpg
  5. Ah, sorry! I am just so used to seeing the model number along w/the serial number on the back of the tag. But I just did a search, and another member also mentioned that their bag only had the "1669" on the back. :yes: Their bag was also from F/W 2006, too, so apparently Balenciaga had different back tags for that season (one that included the model number, and one w/the serial number only). I apologize for causing you any worries!

    Thanks for the photo! (I'm a visual person, too).

    Also, just wanted to mention that if you had any other authenticity issues, you can ask questions on the "Authenticate This" thread sticky. :smile:
  6. Thanks for the help. I wasn't concerned about authenticity since I bought the bag myself, but I was wondering if it was some sort of unique thing I had going here. I wonder why Balenciaga did that with the serial number?

    Thanks for teaching me to read the tags — now that you explained it, the thread on the reference section makes more sense to me!
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