What does mou mean in regards to the Bolide?

  1. I've seen several references to an mou Bolide and I don't know what that is.
  2. It means two things:
    1; The bag is made of a very supple leather (Mou Bolides are Togo or Clemence)
    2: The bag's construction allows for it to nearly fold flat. Makes for a very soft-sided squishy bag.
    So, there are Togo Bolides that are reinforced and have a more rigid appearance than Mou Togo Bolides.
  3. pampered, here are pics of mou Bolides. The blue jean Bolide is in Togo and the Black Bolide is clemence. The clemence is softer, and thus, tends to mooooo more than togo.
    1hermebluebolide001ha.jpg bluebolide2.JPG 1bolidepelicanheart10.JPG