What does "made in Italy and imported" mean?

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  1. I've noticed this phrase in some online descriptions, and am confused by the meaning.

    Does it mean that this item could be made in Italy or elsewhere, or that just some part of the item is made in Italy, or something else?
  2. There is no way to answer that without knowing the brand and the retailer. It might be best, actually, to contact the CS of the site you're wondering about... We're good, but we're not that good - :biggrin:
  3. I have a pair of jeans with a label that says " Made in Usa. Imported fabric"
    I suppose it means the product is manufactured in the US but the denim comes from another country....
    Maybe it's the same thing Lynx has seen.
  4. It means several different things. The fabric OR the sewing was done here and overseas. The other option is that some of the garments were made in USA and the rest are made overseas. Many times the fabric is made here, shipped overseas to be cut and sewn, then returned to the US where someone sews a label on.
    With handbags, many times only the label, or the handles, are made in the country stated. Maybe you have noticed a smell to many bags or shoes lately?
  5. If youre talking about online store descriptions like Neimans or Saks, generally, they will state Made in Italy if its manufactured in Italy and "Imported" if the item is manufactured in a country that is not worth mentioning as a postivie characteristic of the product as a selling point (eg. China, Turkey, Poland etc.)
  6. Generally stores like Nordstrom, Saks, etc will feel list 'Made in Italy' when an item is stamped as such, because they feel it's more desirable being listed as European-made.

    When they say 'Imported' 9 times out of 10 it usually is stamped China. But for whatever reason it isn't seen as desirable as a European made item, so they don't list the actual country.
  7. from my understanding, made in italy and imported means some parts were made in italy and some were made in other countries. eg. the pants were sewn in china and they just attached the zipper and button in italy or they sent the fabric from italy and made the pants in china etc etc...
  8. I first noticed this when looking at Burberry bags on the Neiman Marcus website. I noticed that all the nova check PVC bags said "imported" but all the house check were made in Italy. This was their sneaky way dof not wanting to say that they were made in China. Kinda pissed me off because if I wanted a made in China bag, I'd go to coach and pay $200 for one.
  9. You are absolutely right!