what does LV do with returned bags?

  1. When someone buys a bag and exchanges it for another, and then keeps doing it till they find something they like, what does LV do with all the bags that have been returned? Destroy them or re-sell them as "new" to someone else?
  2. Great question. I got that thought in my head too. Anyone?
  3. I would love to know the answer to that!
  4. I hope our Star gets approve for the LV Focus Group and be initiated as our LV "spy"! :biggrin: Then maybe we'll finally get some answers...
  5. I think they put them right back into the pile of bags to sell. Since it is only 14 days in most places for a return. When I went to get my GM there was only one bag left at one of the LVS I went to and it had a small scratch on the gold hardware and a little darkening (patina).
  6. hmmm, i don't know how i feel about buying a bag, paying full price and it was potentially carried by someone for 14 days....and, what if someone else got that bag (used..) and then THEY returned it. then it was used for a months.

    but destroying them? that sucks too. I wish they'd let us have them at a discount.
  7. I believe any bags that have developed patina or show any damage are sent to RTV, and sold to employees at a deep discount.
  8. i think they just sell it to someone else as well if it is not damaged. it's what ever other store does with returned merchandise no matter the price. they would lose too much $$ if they sold it at a discount.
  9. I think they sell them again, because on the receipt, it says that the item has to be returned within 14 days AND in good enough condition to sell it.
  10. I've heard of them destorying used bags and honestly not to sound uppity, but who wants to pay that kind of cash for something someone knocked around for two weeks and decided they didn't want it. Yet, I've heard rumors that almost all panda pochettes sold in the US were ones returned in Japan. So, who knows?!
  11. I exchanged a bag for the same one because I noticed a little flaw. The SA just took it and put it right back in the drawers to resell.
  12. But I also heard that they sell those bags to the employees since they get such a great deal. I believe they have employee promotions that give up to 50% off.
  13. geez, i should get a pt job there. heh heh heh
  14. Well in order for LV to accept the return, it has to be in "saleable condition" so they do NOT shred them or anything. They resell it. They do not accept returns where item clearly looks used unless there is a defect. If you read an LV receipt it will mention "saleable condition"
  15. hmmm, i guess. then that goes back to my original point of me not wanting a bag that someone could have possibly used for 2 weeks...or more if someone else bought and retunred. oh well....isn't it silly the things we worry about.