What does luxury mean to you?

  1. I am doing some research for a paper about luxury and would love to know what luxury means to you...

    Most luxury goods are by their nature aspirational, since for most people they are too expensive to afford. Does a high price tag denote luxury - i.e do you assume that a low price tag means low quality?

    Is exclusivity important - would you rather something was expensive so not everyone can afford it? Or is it enough that the product is only available in one or a few stores?

    If you could keep the branding, the quality and the style and the price was half that of other luxury brands, would it still be as appealing? Would you still want it as passionately as before?

    Cannot wait to hear your views! Thanks in advance,

  2. Ohh I don't know - I consider whatever makes your very happy and satisfied as a luxury. If you don't require it for your body to survive physically I consider all goods other than the most basic staples a luxury.
  3. I agree with Yorelica. I'll also say that luxury is that which only a few have--exclusivity. Knowing that what you have, tons of people out there don't have. It's what people will crave to the point of making imitations, so that all may have it, but it never matches the 'real thing'. It is what is beyond our basic needs, and also, what takes our basic needs to the next level. We all need shelter, but some live in mansions with rooms they will never use. We all need food, but some dine on fillet mignon and lobster, while others on rice and water. That which comforts us mentally and physically beyond the basics.