What does LR mean?

  1. Hi there, can anyone tell me what LR means on the label of Mulberry handbags? I have seen a few with this on and was curious what it meant? Thanks xx :confused1:
  2. Where was it on the label? I'm off to check mine.....
  3. Sarajane, its found just under the Mulberry writing on the label. It is letters embossed with no colour. The aqua one has LT and another one I have has LR. I'm not sure if its an outlet thing....perhaps the reason it is in the outlet. I'm very curious to find out. Both bags I have that have this writing are authentic so it's not a copy thing.....although that's not to say that people won't copy it to make it look like an authentic item.....I'm waffling now. See what curiousity does....!!
  4. quite a few of the fakes have these letters( not suggesting yours are fake - just learnt from experience!)
  5. my roxanne has a pp on the label and that is 100% auth. V strange
  6. Sounds like a note to the Mulberry people is in order ...
  7. My understanding is that they are the initials of the person who finished the bag. Not all labels carry the initials though, just to add to the confusion. LR is the one that is reproduced commonly on the fakes, however they do appear on genuine items too; I have seen them on a number of different models.
  8. Thanks Jazzyjay, I know all of my bags are authentic and only one does not have initials on it. I guess these fraudsters think they're bags will look more authentic with them on....man, they're devious. I thought they maybe got stamped when they went to outlets to show that they were discounted bags but my kensington was bought in an outlet and it's the only one with no initials on it.
  9. there was a thread posted by Mulberry London a couple of months ago that explained why bags went to outlets and I am sure that there was an explanation as to why there are letters on some of the bags. can't remember though if they were talking about LR or LT or L something else. I'll have a shifty to see if i can find the name of the thread
  10. ignore me - already hit the vino this afternoon. the thread is 'outlet questions answered here' and was posted on 6 May (sorry, can't do the linky thing even though a friend told me how to a couple of months ago - short memory)
    anyway, had a quick look and it talks about a 00 stamp - must stop drinking....:nogood:
  11. Hi Guys,

    I have just bought a Mulberry Roxanne Bag and am not sure if it is Genuine?

    The Zip goes from Left and closes to the right. On the inside it has a square patch with the bulberry writing on and LR on the bottom right hand corner...

    The magnetic studs which the buckles close too are flat rather than rounded too.

    Does this sound authentic to you?
  12. Hi Floralrose. If you go to the authentication thread and post some pics and info (in the format described in the first post) the girls on there will check it out for you.
  13. My brand new oak printed Bays (from HoF) has no letters printed on it, if this helps?
  14. Hi flyjetvo,

    Thanks for your reply.

    What is the website? I couldn't see it in the first post?

    Many thanks