What does it take....

Jun 23, 2007
to become a "client" at an H Boutique. A friend of mine recently ordered a scarf and scarf ring by phone. I will not name the Boutique, but when I mentioned that she should call back and get a deck of tying cards. They actually had the chutzpah to say that these were only for "clients." What was she, chopped liver? They finally told her that they were out of them since November. I couldn't believe how nasty they were to her. There is a definite possibility that she could purchase a handbag in the future. Being able to see a huge selection of Kellys over the summer, I personally do not buy into the the whole H mystique. I was able to choose from an enormous selection of Kelly bags ranging from 28 to 40 in different leathers, etc.
Anyway, I thought they were enormously rude to a potential big ticket item in the future and I feel bad about recommending that shop to her. Since it is nearly impossible to phone shop for a particular bag and leather without actually touching it, she will have to go into a boutique and handle the bags.
I own two H bags, both purchased from store stock. Also, about a dozen scarves and some small accessories, in addition to owning several LVs and Chanels. I am very sad for the way she was treated by this store. In this environment of of bad economy and penny-watching, I would assume that H associates should be very motivated to make very customer feel special.
Thanks for letting me vent.


May 17, 2008
That is too bad!!! I am so sorry!

I too have been wondering at what point are you "allowed" to make a special order or invited to do so--is there a dollar amount?? For example, I would like a Rouge H box with GHW but those are only with SOs.


May 4, 2007
Did she make it clear that she had previously purchased the items? They wouldn't have been lying about the cards as they only get very few sets and they go quickly as you can imagine
Dec 15, 2008
Balto Bag Lady, it makes so sad to hear stories ike this. This type of thing should never happen. Being snooty has no place in retail, or anywhere else for that matter.

I'd call the Store Manager and discuss my disapointment.
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Oct 12, 2006
I always thought that the cards were very limited and of course they probably "save" them for clients who buy a lot of scarves. I think it would not be common to just buy one scarf by phone and get a set of the cards. I have heard of people buying scarves from the store in person for the first time and getting a set, though ...

They should have just said they were out of them or all have been reserved ... Sounds like they didn't handle it very diplomatically.


Jun 23, 2008
Oh, I would hope that there had been some sort of misunderstanding by the store----the SAs are so great at that store!

[Although, they rarely seem to have the tying cards.]

If you'd like, PM me & I'll give you the names of a couple of great people there.
May 11, 2007
I swear some SAs are, dare I say it??, just downright plain rude!! No matter what you buy or what you say.
I am lucky enough to have found a wonderful SA, that I only ever deal with over the phone, I have never met her in real life, but she knows what I like, and takes the time to phone me when something she thinks I might like comes in.
But on the other hand, I have SAs treating me badly, even though I have actually paid out big bucks for a bag from their store.
I feel bad for you, you recommended this store, and they treated your friend badly, it really is just bad manners, even if the cards were for long-term customers, they could have been more polite and diplomatic about it, Good manners dont cost anything, but some people just havent got them, no matter what!!
Oct 24, 2007
Nope, on the opposite coast. Fairfax, actually.
Wow...I don't know what to say...that store have been so accommodating...you should talk to the store manager directly and give them a piece of your mind...they try to cater to all that comes into that store...this is shocking! Please call and complain directly to the manager...she does not allow such treatment of clients!


Apr 19, 2007
London UK
It sad when you hear tales like this, I would have thought the only requirement to be a client would be hard cash or credit.

I asked for some knotting scarf cards and was very kindly given them, the thing with the cards is, sometimes they have them and sometimes they just dont.