What does it take to be an LV SA?

John 5

Mar 2, 2006
you should become a SA, with your knowledge you can even teach other SA! :supacool:

I tried, but I told the SA whom I gave my application to that I probably wouldn't be considered since I live an hour away and the availability I put down at the time was kinda wacky. :Push:

Oh yeah... I do remember hearing that most SA's get paid around $14 an hour?


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Sep 25, 2006
SAs are unable to purchase them until 6 mos. after their release and sometimes by then they're all gone. that's one thing that deterred me from getting a part time job there.

I never knew this! What other reason would anyone want to work there, than to be able to get a discount?
Would be too frustrating for me....


Apr 14, 2007
OMG, you guys/girls gave me soo much help! thank you! I think i would excell in this job so much. I speak 3 languages and i am actually not in it at all for the discounts, its quite the opposite. I cant really afford the LV prices, atleast not enough to satisfy my needs, but i would love to be around the bags and accessories and sell them to people who are in love with them and can purchase them. Unfortunatly, I dont have any retail experience but i do love being around people (worked at chuck e cheese couple years back :rolleyes: ) But thank you EVERYONE for all your advice and recommendations, i got so much more help than i expected! i love tpf :tup: