What does it take to be an LV SA?


Apr 14, 2007
I'm too young now, but I was wondering what qualifications are necessary to even consider appyling for the job of a sales associate at a Louis Vuitton boutique. It's something I am passionate about and would wish to pursue as a part-time job for some extra money during college. Any help at all would be so great (like experience, age..etc.) TIA!!


Got a handle on it
Nov 2, 2006
I may be way off here but I don't think it's that difficult to get a job there. I am sure you have to have some retail experience but I don't think it's rocket science. Good luck. Oh and I have heard you have to be at least 18 or 21....something like that.

LV Diva

Apr 21, 2007
Oh, I would LOVE to be an LV SA! That would be so much fun to work around things your obsessed over. :biggrin:

However, I'm not to sure either what qualifications you need. All I know is that you have to have retail experience.

Errr .... Sorry wasn't much help. :shame:

Good Luck though!
Jan 19, 2007
A friend of mine worked there as an assistant manager and they typically look for retail experience in other high end stores, I know that this is something that they are pretty strict on in most instances. I assume if you are an outstanding canidate they will overlook this, but usually they want to see that you know how to keep a client book, etc. Good luck!


Feb 12, 2007
I was in retail mgmt. for years, have a b.s. in fashion merchandising...although I never worked for a luxury retailer I've had friends who did and I can tell you that typically this type of company wants someone who has 1. experience in retail sales, preferably luxury, 2. fantastic customer service skills, i.e. selling skills, poise, and composure, and 3. very well-groomed and well mannered. The above poster mentioned that experience in keeping a client book is desired, and this is true, although if you possess other qualities they're looking for you can certainly be trained in that area. Basically what it comes down to is, are you friendly and able to deal with clients who are very discriminating and maintain your composure and professional attitude, and are you able to present yourself well at all times to help the company achieve its bottom line?

If you are granted an interview, ask yourself before going in how you answer certain questions, as far as how you will deal with difficult customers/co-workers. Be prepared to speak about yourself in a positive manner while being modest, and above all, when any question is posed, remember that you will be working for this company to increase sales, bottom line, not to get the discount for yourself and your friends! LOL! I'm sure you have what it takes, and I wish you the best of luck!

John 5

Mar 2, 2006
From my knowledge:
-You have to be 18 years of age.
-I had thought you had to be knowledgable about the company... but based on some of the stories I've heard here that some SA's are somewhat inuniformed... that was crossed out on my list.


May 1, 2006
i know they emphasize retail experience, high end retail experience would definitely be a plus.

one thing you want to keep in mind though is how much do you see yourself purchasing LE items in the future. SAs are unable to purchase them until 6 mos. after their release and sometimes by then they're all gone. that's one thing that deterred me from getting a part time job there.


Jun 3, 2007
My ex-coworker's daughter worked at LV in Hawaii. My coworker reported that she didn't even make commission and the pay sucked, between $8-$10 an hour. She did get some discounts. She has some cute bags, though. She quit after about a year and now is a hairstylist. She was working at LV while she was doing her apprentice.


Jan 3, 2007
^^ The 8 steps in making a Reade bag was a very interesting read! Thanks for the link :smile:

Also, I was told by the previous manager of my store that you need to know another language to be considered.
for my country, its usually by recommendation basis. sometimes they have ads on the newspapers too. anyway, consider the job only if u think u are a very patient person. its quite a tiring job. the worst is you have to smile at customers and serve them even tho sometimes u'r feeling really down