What does it take for you to sell your LV?

  1. I've been contemplating selling my Speedy 25. I barely ever use it mainly because I can't put it over my shoulder and it's not convienient. If I do take it out, it's once or twice a month! I've had it for a year this month and the handles have barely turned. But I still don't know if I can get rid of it. I don't see myself using it that much and I'm trying to buy the black MC Ursula for my birthday at the end of August.

    So what would it take you to get rid of one of your beloved? Would you keep a bag you don't use because it's a Louis?
  2. I comtemplated that before also; but never sold it.......and now it is 17 years later. (Speedy 30 from 1990)
  3. Once I sold my first LV... it went downhill after that!! lol
    I sell an LV whenever I want to fund something else.. no problem!
    The only LV I won't ever sell is my first.. speedy 25. Everything else has a price! Ha!!
  4. Nothing short of natural disaster.. seriously.
  5. :yes::yes::yes::lol:
  6. I have never sold any of my bags and I don't think I ever will. I am very decisive and when I buy a bag I know I am going to be using it.
  7. I prefer not to sell any of my purses although I really should. I just feel that they are "family" so I like to pass them off to my Mother and Sister. This way, when I miss my babies or need it for a certain outfit, I can always "borrow" it back from them.
  8. I have sold many of my other bags but never one of my Lv. I hardly ever use my petit bucket and like your bag it has barely any patina. Every time I take it out to think about selling it I see how cute it is and the fact that it is my first Lv and then I use it for a day and put it back in the closet. I'm not much help sorry.
  9. I have sold quite a few LV pieces recently even though I love them very much but I don't use them. It is just a waste (or I feel guilty) having them sitting in the closet. I sold them and use the funds towards new purchase!! Now I feel less guilty! Because I know I will use them more often!!
  10. I've gotten tired of a couple of bags and I've gotten rid of two of them; I'm still contemplating a couple of others. My needs change as time goes by, and therefore my bags change as well. IMO it's better to sell something and buy something that you'll use with the money...
  11. When I get tired of them and they're not being used, away they go!! I've sold a ton!!
  12. Absolutely not. If the bag hasn't been used in a while, off it goes to eBay. I'd rather use the money from it's sale towards something that will be used/loved.
  13. i'd only sell if there's a replacement that i'm getting right away...or it's been sitting for 3 months straight then it's out.

    But Karman made a good point too...my needs change as I get older as well, so I might be into hand held bags now, but maybe later on, i'll need shoulder bags, so i'll need to substittue..etc.
  14. i sell when I find I have not yet used it in 6 months or more. Or if I just flat out don't care for it anymore. then I will sell and buy something new.
  15. Exactly.
    Before I got my LV sunnies, I rarely wore sunnies and didn't have a bulky sunnies case with me all the time. Now that I have the obsession carré sunnies, I take them out with me all the time and the bulky case just doesn't fit in most of my smaller bags...hence recently I've been buying larger bags and I've now considered selling off my older, smaller ones.