What does it take for Non-Paying Bidders to get banned?

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  1. So I've recently sold something to someone who has failed to pay, this person has a decent amount of feedback (120+) and a 96.5 positive feedback percentage. It's a low value item so when I saw that this person had bid I did check her out but wasn't overly fussed enough to cancel the bid. I noticed her feedback percentage, plus from looking through her feedback I could see at least 3 positive feedbacks that were actually from sellers stating this person had not paid plus negatives and neutrals for taking an extended period of time to mail out items (she also sells). As she also currently has a few items for sale and could see recent feedback for being a fast payer I decided not to cancel the bid. Well, low and behold she's failed to pay and respond to any of my communication even though she has to be checking in to ebay for her own items she is selling.

    Including my case against her, that's at least 4 non paying strikes, plus I can only imagine there is more that I can't see. So exactly what does it take to get banned from ebay? How many times are they allowed to not pay before they get banned? Is there actually an amount or do they get away with it as long a there is a certain period of time inbetween each strike?

    I'm tempted to go bid on one of her items and not pay for it :graucho: I mean, nothings going to happen to me right?! (No, i'm not actually going to do that don't worry!).
  2. I have been wondering this myself. Have had a rash of non payers recently - 8- and wondering what best to do.
  3. The way to get NPBs suspended is for sellers to consistently file UID (unpaid item disputes) and close those cases when the buyers don't pay.

    In order for ebay to ban non-payers, they need to have strikes against them. I wonder how many of those sellers who left contradictory feedback actually gave the bidders a strike.
  4. Good to know. Thanks.
  5. So just had someone bid on one of my current items listed. In the first 3 pages of their feedback there is 26 positive feedbacks that are actually negatives. 26. Seriously! and the transactions are all within the last 6 months! This is crazy - it seems literally impossible to get banned from ebay for being a non paying bidder.
  6. Unless the sellers file UIDs (unpaid item disputes) and close the cases against the non-payers, ebay has no way of knowing that they aren't paying.


    That's the only recourse sellers have to get rid of bad buyers, whether they're non-paying or scammers.

    In fact, that (not)buyer can report all those contradictory feedbacks and get them removed and the sellers' accounts will be dinged. Sellers cannot leave positive feedback with a non-positive comment.
  7. How are there people out there that DON'T report NPB's? Isn't that the only way to get your fee back? It wouldn't even occur to me NOT to report someone who didn't pay. Am I missing something?
  8. A number of the feedback comments made references to cases so at least a few of them have reported this person.
  9. I'm not really sure buyers actually do get banned for non-payment. But at least sellers can block buyers with unpaid item strikes.
  10. Yet another NPB - I opened a case which was closed today by "unpaid item assistant". I also received an email from ebay -

    "If you want, you can go to your site preferences and authorise us to automatically withdraw from transactions on your behalf when the buyer doesn't pay. "

    Would this mean NPB's are not reported then ?
  11. I don't know what that means but I wouldn't authorize them to do anything automatically!