What Does It Mean....


Jun 27, 2006
When there's a line through the Chanel stamp on the inside of the purse? I've been looking at some bags on Ebay and noticed some of them have that. Thanks!!
I've never heard of Chanel doing it, but some mid-range clothing designers do. I have an Ellen Tracy jacket that I got at Daffys that has a faint red line through the name tag, and I've seen it on other designer clothes there.

I don't think I've ever seen this at a Chanel outlet. The wallet I bought at the NY outlet didn't have it either.
not sure about chanel, but i know that when there is some kind of seconds sale they mark the tag like in the picture to prevent returns/affect the resale value etc.

i've also seen a taupe jumbo with a mark across it, apparently it was a gift to a stylist or something so that might be it as well.
I saw this with a Tod's bag once and asked the SA there. He told me that there are a couple of reasons boutiques do that, often it is an employee that has purchased it on a sale plus employee discount deal which makes the item very discounted and they don't want the item brought back. Also he said that when items are being sent back after being marked down at the end of the season some boutiques allow the employees to buy the items at a low low price and they will cut or mark the tag. On shoes they will mark the inside of the shoe. It prevents any returns.
Hey Duri, I called the Chanel Outlet in NY in Woodbury. They do not put a line through their labels and they do not sell seconds. I am very interested in knowing the answer as well. Have you asked the seller directly what the origin of the bag is?