What does it mean when paypal says seller protection partially eligible??

  1. This is the first time I have seen that come up
  2. I just had that, and when I clicked on the link it said I was not protected against chargebacks. Is one of the words a link? (I forget where I clicked.)
  3. Bumping this thread. I just received my first "partially eligible" seller protection and was wondering if anyone else has seen that?
  4. It means you're eligible for item not received (INR) claims under seller protection but not for unauthorized payment claims.
  5. ^^thanks!
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  7. Interesting..I have not received this message yet.Good to know,but scary.As it seems to me possibly someone knows this could be an unauthorized transaction??? I would be scared in this situation??? Is it ok to proceed??
  8. Are you talking about a specific transaction? Transactions are eligible or partially eligible based on different aspects of each transaction. A transaction is not partially eligible because someone "knows this could be an unauthorized transaction."
  9. Karmen,that is where I am confused.I have never gotten this message...But it saying I would not be covered for unauthorized payment claim,that would scare me.Why would some be ok, but not all?? I am so lost.. I guess if it ever pops up I will ask all of you,as I would be scared to get into a bad situation.I know reading all these threads are making me very paranoid to keep on selling on eBay :confused1:
  10. PP has its criteria on which it bases these and other decisions about coverage. In this case, I think it mostly depends on whether the transaction is on or off eBay and the countries (buyer and seller's) involved in a transaction, as well as who knows what else. I wouldn't let it scare you or make you paranoid especially when you're not facing that problem. Why worry about it now?

  11. i've gotten this in my business transactions, nothing to do with eBay. usually it is when the purchaser doesn't have a paypal account, and they use their credit card, and also when they send a gift order and have a different 'ship to' address than the 'bill to' address.
  12. i guess it could be a stolen card or something in those instances, so they don't totally cover you from chargebacks.
  13. Karmen & alliemia thank you!! Very good to know.Oh no I am not worried about it at this moment.But for sure good to know,and was curious too.Thanks for your help!! :smile:
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