What does it mean when an eBay listing is removed

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  1. So i was watching a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, I contacted the seller for an offer at a lower buy it now price. The seller agreed to it and immediately sent me a paypal invoice. I wanted to check out with buy it now so i can take advantage of the live.com deal, when I went back to check the listing, it was removed from eBay and says listing is unavailable. I know that eBay removes listings when there is suspect that it the item violated rules or in my case what I'm worried about is that the shoes are a fake. My question is if the seller wanted to end the listing, I would see that the listing has ended, as supposed to removed from eBay.

    I contacted the seller to relist, but now I'm afraid to buy from him/her b/c if it really was removed from eBay initially, that means the shoes are a fake. I don't think I want to pay over $500 for a pair of fake shoes. What do you guys think?
  2. i wonder if maybe the seller removed the listing, to sell them to you sorta through paypal only? i would maybe email the seller through ebay, asking what happened to the listing. if they tell you that ebay removed it for possible fakes, then you can re-evaluate if you want to buy.
  3. usually the seller would end the auction and i would still be able to see the listing, it just says, seller has ended the auction early. Right? That's what i'm confused about, the seller can end the auction, but since the listing got removed, I'm not sure if ebay removed it or not.
  4. I agree, contact the seller and see what he/she says. If it sounds squirrely then run.
  5. Whatever you do don't pay them without there being a link to the auction on the payment page. Even if you pay through Paypal, you are much less protected.
  6. didn't she remove the listing herself so that you could pay her a lower buy it now price? There aren't many Christian Louboutin fake shoes out there....
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    it sounds like there's something suspect with the auction and someone must've reported it. whenever we successfully report a CL fake and have it removed, we see that listing removal page. if the seller chooses to end auction early, the listing should say so and not say removed. btw, there are a TON of fake louboutins on ebay, depending on which style. the most popular styles are very very commonly faked (off the top of my head, prives and bruges). there are many posts in the CL sub forum about fakes and also a few very reputable CL sellers.
  8. you know what ebay are lke at the moment though, removing perfectly authentic items and leaving the fakes. i would wait to see what the seller says about it .
  9. I think you're very wrong about this. Many fakes have been outed on this site and if you google CLs I am sure many sites that sell replicas will pop up. I don't even want to think about how many fakes are selling on ioffer alone.
  10. I would definelty contact the seller, the only time I have seen an early ended listing still available to view was when the seller ends it early to sell to the highest bidder. Its still there and shows the winning bidder just like if it just ended on its own. I've never seen a listing ended early for other reasons that are still viewable. I've ended one auction early before and your choices are like, item no longer for sale, error in listing etc...