What does it mean "Rouge NM" on Vuitton french site?

  1. I saw the Ségur PM (the one that i want) on vuitton site and i loved the bright red shown, called Rouge NM...
    Now i just saw the Ségur MM on eluxury and the red is not the same as the vuitton french site..so, is there a difference or the website changes color?:confused1:
  2. I think it could just be the picture...they both look like the new red, so it should be the same color...any other opinions?
  3. How is the old red? do you have pics for comparison?
  4. rouge is red in french....same color :smile:
  5. Rouge NM is probably for New Red (Rouge = Red NM = Nouveau Modele), I don´t know about eluxury though.
  6. The new red came out about 2 years ago...there is a thread with pictures, just search epi red, I am sure you will find it.