What does it mean if there's an X on the tag w/ the serial #?

  1. I'm pretty new at this!! I'm looking at a bag on eBay, and emailed for the pics of the tag w/ serial # (like I read on here to do!!;)

    She emailed me the pics and there's an X embossed on the tag. What does that mean? Outlet?

    I know I read it on here somewhere but I can't remember where!

    Thank you!!
  2. means it's from tjmaxx, marshalls, off 5th Saks, Nordstrom rack, etc
  3. ^yup.

    and, for future reference, the outlet stuff has the bullseye on the creed. :yes:
  4. ^^And if you see an "N" inside a crest on the creed patch, also stamped, it's from a department store as well.