What does it mean if I get duplicate text messages?

  1. I'm just wondering if anyone knows about duplicate text messages?
    Like it will say *Duplicate* with the message under it.

    A guy I am seeing sends me messages like "hey babe "etc and they show as duplicate.
    Does this mean he is sending these messages to others as well?
  2. Not necessarily. I get dupes all the time and they don't say dupe.

    Now, if you're only getting dupes from him and they're short, non specific texts, then perhaps he's meaning to send them to someone else. Then again, it could be his phone that's messing up.
  3. On of my girlfriends always sends dupes. Always. It's annoying, but kind of helpful, as in, when I hear my phone go off 3 times in a row, I figure it's her. It usually is. I personally, think it has something to do with the phone or network. She has always had BB on AT&T and has always had this problem.
  4. This happens to my husband and I from time to time. It happens to us when something jumbles within the system or wireless signal. I have more troubles than he does because my signal strength varies because of the building I work in.
  5. I have never had a duplicate come with any sort of notice that it's a duplicate. I just get the same message more than once.
  6. Some phones glitch and send text messages twice. It's a combination of a phone and a network, I am guessing. Some receiving phones alert you that it's a duplicate, others do not. Are you getting the message twice? If not, then I'm baffled haha.
  7. If I'm texting more than one person all at the same time (ex. send text to person #1 and them immediately sends a text to person #2), my phone will send duplicates.
  8. does that mean dups are always when sent are sent to more then one person?