What does it look like? Pictures?

  1. This may or may not have been asked already (and if it has, I'm sorry)... :shrugs:

    But, does anybody have any pics of them wearing their demis? Preferably a carly demi? Or any demi, I suppose it doesn't really matter <~ wait, are they all relatively the same size? Anyway, I just want to see what they look like on a person.

    Thanks! :smile:

  2. All the demi's are different sizes. The signature stripes are rectangular and very skinny (like an inch), the hampton weekend demi's are barrel shaped so you need to hold yourarm out a bit since the strap is short, the carly is in the middle in terms of width and basically a very short tote with a soft slouchy material. I don't have a demi because I don't like the shortness of the strap - but hopefully someone can show you a pic of the
    Carly demi in use.
  3. Here's an older post of mine with a photo of me wearing the Carly Demi and there is a link to another thread with someone else modeling a signature Carly Demi.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks! But I don't see the links... :sad:
  5. ^ Lol... Thanks! A few minutes after I posted it, I searched for and found the other threads on the carly demis... thanks though!!!