What does it fit?

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  1. Hello all,

    I have searched the forum trying to figure out what fits inside a Givenchy nightingale mini/micro. I use a small Pandora and a Gucci disco as my daily bags. Usually my disco is what I use for daily and my pandora when I need a little more space. I love the look of the nightingale but based on the photos it seems like even the small size is rather large. I'd like to be able to use the bag while on vacation and sometimes daily and prefer to wear my bags crossbody, thus I think the mini/micro nightingale is the only option for that.

    On a daily basis I carry :
    iPhone 6
    Hand lotion travel sized
    Hand sanitizer travel sized
    Lip balm
    Blotting papers
    Sunglasses in a microfiber pouch
    A small pouch 3x5
    LV empreinte cles as my wallet
    Flat packet of tissues

    Will a mini/micro nightingale fit that stuff?

    Thank you!
  2. I have an older mini nightingale (back when it still had the cross-shaped stitching on the sides), and am able to keep an iPad mini, full sized moleskine, Prada long wallet, make up bag, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, iPhone 6, and even a stethoscope in there. It's a surprisingly roomy bag. The sunglasses could be an issue depending on how large/curved they are. Not sure how the new version compares in terms of interior roominess...
  3. On vacation right now so don't have all my stuff. You get the point :smile:

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  4. Wow thank you so much! That was very helpful and the bag fits a ton.
  5. You're welcome! My mom was super impressed when I dumped out all that stuff I had in there lol