What does hubby think of your LOVE for LV

  1. :idea:Would love to hear from others!! My husband at times shakes his head and cannot figure out how so much delight can be acquired from buying a new LV! I try to explain this to him by comparing it to something he loves to do. He laughs when he sees me change a bag because of bad weather (I do not carry any of my LV with vachetta leather when its raining) and he cannot comprehend why any woman would buy a bag that's so delicate it cannot be carried because of bad weather! Then other times he can be so cute, we can be out shopping and he will see a woman carrying a handbag that catches his eye and whisper to me, " is that a good handbag?" He is actually getting pretty good at picking out some great handbags, just the fact that he even looks makes me smile :smile:!! Prior to my last couple purchases, his response has been, "get what you want." hmmmm GET WHAT I WANT, if he had any idea of how long my wish list was, he would be retracting those words FAST!!!!
  2. he prefers other brands lol but i ask him is he sure as there can be an upward direction on price :p
  3. He thinks i am CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!
    but as long as I work for my money and don't get into trouble he doesn't say alot about it
  4. My fiance looks the other way, he knows I'm going to buy it. So he kinda smiles at me!! He's happy it keeps me happy!!
  5. My husband loves LV almost as much as I do. I think he's very proud to walk next to me when I carry a LE LV! He always buys me LV, be it for B-day, X-mas, anniversaries or when he travels. LoVe my hubby:heart::girlsigh::heart: . He has a nice collection himself. He loves LV shoes and cufflinks.
  6. Lol, you guys are cute.

    My hubby is really great about it. He actually encourages it. His family is into desinger stuff so he grew up seeing that women get designer bags/jewelry as gifts. All my LV are gifts from him and the kiddies and my mom. I am a SAHM and do get spending money so I could buy more LV bags, but it's special coming from him and the kids and I don't really need a big collection. The only bag I really want and have asked for is the damier sophie coming out this August since it is limited edition and he said yes. He is really sweet that way.
  7. My hubby pretends he is upset and hen-pecked into letting me spend on LVs, but he actually doesn't mind it. I've spent all my budget for this year (3 bags), and he asked if I wanted another bag....lol! When I said no, he was really shocked...

    He's a real sweetie, but I think I've hit my limit for the year.
  8. My honey is actually an enabler and understands my obsession! In fact, lately he's been offering to go to LV and get me a bag for my Anniversary gift. What's great about him is that he doesn't get on my case about the things I buy and will make the effort to learn more about it too!
  9. my hubby dislikes me buying LV..but he does not nag much just makes funny noises or shakes his head..cos he knows I will be paying for my purchases...heheheh..
  10. My hubby is actually really sweet. He buys me LV and keeps pushing me to buy. He's happy it makes me happy truly.
  11. my dh is ambivalent but would buy me an lv once in a while (he gave me an azur speedy for christmas last year and a love 2 tote just last weekend). he has also funded my purchase of my batignolles horizontal last march and a new gucci bag just two weeks ago. i don't think he will ever understand why i can't just have one lv bag but as long as i'm not overdoing it, he won't say anything. sometimes he makes a joke out of it (like how my life savings are in my bags) but he is really pretty cool about the whole thing.
  12. My DH is very tolerant of all my interests & actually bought me the batignolles on HIS birthday while we were in Scottsdale this year.
  13. Mine can't understand the difference between a $1000 purse and and $15 purse....yet he has entered the LV Boutique on more than one occassion and walked out with that LV brown bag!!! Since I'm a stay at home mom, it's harder to talk him into my need for "that bag"!!!!! I think I need to get a job just to fund my shopping habits!!:tup:
  14. He is just happy I'm more of a LV Speedy girl than an Hermes Birkin girl.:yahoo:He knows how much an authentic Hermes bag costs:push:.
  15. mine doesnt really matter much....he has bought me most of my LV's! and he even has a LV wallet that i got him!!!

    the only thing he doesnt seem to like is all the price increases.....he says some of the item are just way to expensive.