What does Hermes motivate you to do/be?

  1. Hermes motivates me to be all that I can be.....I am that super woman, and I appreciate the finer things in life. The good life has allowed me to enjoy the true essence of life, family, god, thanksgiving, and satisfaction. If I had to respond to this question in the future, the answer would be the same. I feel that I have worked towards life's most important tasks. Raising a family, reflecting on my accomplishments,helping others and wanting perfection have been quite an exhilarating ride. Hermes has been just another goal to reach. It is the result of my hard work. I deserve it. What does Hermes motivate you to be or do?
  2. Hermes in itself does not motivate me. I, however, strive to be a good mother (which can be such a challenge at times), kind, and hope that I conduct myself in a manner my late mother would be proud of.
  3. It motivates me to work hard and SAVE so one day I'll be able to have my own Birkin reveal thread! (looooong time from now :sweatdrop:) Also thanks to seeing the lovely ladies and their amazing bags here, and their warmth and caring towards each other, I feel like there are some amazing classy ladies carrying H bags! Obviously money doesn't buy class, but-- eh, I think you all know what I mean :flowers:
  4. It motivates me to save LOL I´ve always striven to be courteous and nice and groomed.
  5. Employed.
  6. :tup: :yes: :tup:

    So true!

    If I retire, I still have a bevy of beauties to treasure for the rest of my life ...
  7. :yes:

    And less is more. :heart:
  8. Hear! hear!:yes: At the end of the day, Hermes is just a brand name. Lovely bags and accessories but nevertheless - things.
  9. ms piggy, I agree. Also that if you want quality (in any facet of life,
    not just the material) you may have to wait for it, and that's okay. :smile:
  10. new to hermes-just got my first bag recently and love it. i love the philosophies of patience and less is more. i have trouble with some of the sales practices. i didn't look to get a birin or kelly for a first bag but it seems that the acquiring of these bags is very unfair. some customers seem to get them right away and some celebrities seem to have amassed tons. although i understand hermes is a business i think there should be a fairer way for there hard to get bags to be sold. although i know the bags are just things i have to admit that mine has made me really happy.
  11. Richer - nuff said
  12. It motivates me to be a kept woman, living a life of leisure, alternating between shopping and tea with my girlfriends. I simply must find a rich man to marry me!

    Just kidding :lol:

    Hermes doesn't motivate me much, as it's just stuff but seeing my small collection just makes me realise that I'm fortunate to afford such things and that I should not waste what I have (not limited to material goods)
  13. What an interesting question!

    Like many others have said, Hermes itself doesn't motivate me, but through it I have come to appreciate many of the finer things...quality over quantity, classic-ness over trendiness, etc.

    These in turn have motivated me to be more patient (I've never been good at delayed gratification before...this has been quite the exercise!), and also less financially frivolous. If I want something good, I have to work for it, earn it, and then appreciate it for a very long time.
  14. As right said, Hermes is just a brand name (super-puper though) that I love. It motivates me NOT to be "grab-n-go" person when it comes to choosing my outfit of the day. It motivates me to "Ilovemylife" a little more :heart:
  15. graceful and classic, just like you.
    what beautiful heartfelt words, rose.
    thank you.