What Does He Really Think About Your Look ?

  1. Does he find fur coats sexy? Are bows and flowers a turnoff? We polled 150 real guys to find out their true feelings about what you wear. Their answers are surprising.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]Head-to-Toe Black


    "You can never go wrong with all black."
    Cameron, 27, naval officer

    "She looks simple and elegant. She seems low maintenance, like she wants you to focus more on her than her outfit."
    Richard, 37, architect

    "I prefer color on a woman."
    Marco, 26, in the military

    The overall verdict:
    Cold & Creepy: 34.6%
    Sleek & Chic: 65.4%

    [​IMG] [​IMG]Chiffon


    "I like this. It's modestly sexy, but not in an unapproachable way."
    Aaron, 32, teacher

    "Very sexy, very modern. I'd be thrilled if a girl wore this for a date with me."
    Patricio, 27, lawyer

    "I love this hippie-type dress. The kind of woman who would wear this is probably independent, a free spirit."
    Michael, 24, real-estate agent

    The overall verdict:
    Prudish & Plain: 15.7%
    Soft & Sexy: 84.3%

    [​IMG] [​IMG]Fur


    "Very sexy and stylish. I just hope they didn't have to kill too many animals to make it."
    Michael, 24, real-estate agent

    "That's hot. I'd turn around if I saw a woman wearing this."
    Ehren, 24, musician

    "She's trying way to hard to be cool, and that's a turnoff."
    Matthew, 28, doctor

    The overall verdict:
    Horribly Cruel: 81.9%
    Totally Cool: 18.1%

    [​IMG] [​IMG]Menswear


    "The tie makes her a little intimidating."
    Rocco, 23, marketing associate

    "I like it. The tie is fun, especially with the sexy lace."
    Ariel, 22, student

    "This is something some Madonna wannabe would wear. I don't like women wearing ties -- it doesn't seem very feminine."
    Andrew, 32, auction-house consultant

    The overall verdict:
    Fashion Forward: 27.6%
    Too Masculine: 72.4%

  2. [​IMG] [​IMG]Bows & Flowers


    "It's a major feat for a woman to be able to pull off that girl-next-door look. But if she can, it's very cool. It says she doesn't need to use clothes to stand out."
    Allan, 27, naval officer

    "Very preppy and dull. There is no character or inspiration in this outfit."
    Anthony, 29, IT consultant

    "She looks like my grandmother's apron."
    Marcel, 31, student

    The overall verdict:
    Smart & Sexy: 44.9%
    Frumpy & Dumpy: 55.1%

    [​IMG] [​IMG]'50s Style


    "It looks like something my grandma would've worn for the dance scene in Back to the Future!"
    Brock, 22, waiter

    "The combination is garish, and it doesn't match."
    Diego, 23, teacher

    "It might be cute if my girlfriend were 17, but not 30. It's too demure and innocent."
    Joel, 28, student

    The overall verdict:
    Sweet & Girly: 29.1%
    Stuffy & Frosty: 70.9%

  3. cool thread!
    thanks prada's :P
  4. This is funny!!
    Thanks for posting, Prada!
  5. None of them look anything like my style.

    I wonder what they would think of my outfits.
  6. ^same! I wish they would show a style closer to what the average (albeit stylish) woman would wear.
  7. did they just show them those pictures? because i've seen less in-your-face fur, worse chiffon, and MUCH better bows and flowers