What does GST/PST stand for???

  1. Hi! I'm quite confused with your abbreviations.. Can you please tell me what does it mean and pics please? I know there are still more abbreviations. Can you give me the meanings for all of them. Thanks! :sweatdrop:
  2. GST = Grand Shopping Tote
    PST = Petite Shopping Tote

    E/W = East West

    umm some random ones that confused me at first (I'm not sure if you were talking about these sorts of abbreviations though)

    IRL = In Real Life
    SO = Significant Other
    DH = Dear Husband

    I hope that helps!
  3. all the prices are in the Reference LIbrary.
    Some add'l often used in the Chanel Forum would be:
    MC - Modern Chain
    VST - Vintage Square Tote
    SA - Sales Associate
    NM - Neiman Marcus
  4. Haha! Thanks a lot! I guess I have to say... I have a white PST! hehe!
  5. What a big help! I can decipher those codes now haha
  6. Hi everyone!!! I am new here in Chanel forum, I would like to know what does PST & GST mean? I am not so familiar with chanel styles? pls help....Thanks! :confused1:
  7. Hi there!! PST: petite shopping tote...GST: Grande shopping tote...If you do a search on these you will find loads of info!! Welcome to the pf!!
  8. Hi Emmy, thank you so much for your help. So, that simple meaning? I thought it was a bag style of chanel or something, hahaha! Thanks so much! i love this forum..
  9. LOL i thought it's the tax system in Canada when I first read the topic.
  10. yeah it took me a while to understand what it meant at first too!
  11. Those are names of 2 styles of bags that Chanel carries. Chanel does have other totes but they are called by other names. You can look in the reference library to see what these styles look like. I hope that helps!
  12. 255Medina- Thank you! This forum really helps...

  13. Me too! LOL....;)
  14. i kinda figured it out myself too
    yahh at first i was thinking of goods and service tax
    i was like huh
  15. I tried doing a search, but figured it might be quicker to just ask...

    The timelessness of Chanel is growing on me... :biggrin: