What Does "Gift Receipt" Mean?

  1. I just won something on eBay that is brand new, comes complete with dust bag, gift box and gift receipt. What does the receipt mean? It was given as a gift and doesn't have the price paid?

    Inquiring minds...and no, I won't tell you what I bought, lol.
  2. Yes you can get a gift receipt to give with a gift so that the person may change it but the price will not be on it.
  3. Ahh, so if I ever wanted to take it in for exchange I'd have no idea of it's price? LOL...good thing I want it for myself!
  4. It will be a reciept for the item that doesn't have the price on it or the credit card id etc. You can exchange with that.
  5. When you bring it in for a return they'll tell you how much it was for. Its just not printed on the receipt.
  6. Yeah I work in a department store and I never really thought how stupid a gift reciept was until the other day when it occured to me... Ok it doesn't print the price on it BUT when you return it you know what they paid for it to begin with? So what's the diff? Why get a gift reciept if they are just going to see how much you paid for it anyways?

    LOL... I know nothing to do with Coach.

    Just thought I'd share? Anyone else think it's dumb? or is it just me?

  7. The seller bought it and asked for a gift receipt. That way you have it if you decide to return it to the store for an exchange. I usually include one with me new bags if I remembered to ask for one. Sometimes it eases the bidder's concerns about counterfeits, although they can be faked.

    Someone might buy an eBay bag as a gift for someone but is unsure if they will like it. If they have the gift receipt it makes it easier to take back.
  8. The gift receipt also doesn't list other information, like the method in which you paid and any discounts you received on the item. I actually think it comes in handy when you're giving an item to someone else, don't think it's entirely necessary, but helpful.
  9. The other thing is that if you take a bag back to the Coach Outlet and don't have the receipt, they are going to give you the lowest price the bag was sold for. The receipt might be higher than that.
  10. gift receipts are good if you buy, say 5 items on one receipt -- if one is a gift, you wouldn't want to give the entire receipt to someone-- you may need it for yourself.
    Plus the prices aren't shown - so if they don't return it, they're none the wiser :smile:
  11. i think gift receipts are like a "safety net ". if they choose to return it,they will get credit for what you actually paid for it & not the sale price.
  12. Duh that's true I don't know why I didn't think of that. I mean i do deal with it everyday. I'm dumb sorry for my rant. LOL
  13. I definitely see the value of gift receipts. They only know what you paid if they go to return it. But, you have given them the option to return/exchange if they need to, without explicitly saying the price. Doesn't mean they will return/exchange and find out the price. And you still have your original receipt. :smile: