What does George Clooney's Ex-Girlfriends shirt say??

  1. Anyone know??
    I know she was on again off again for many years and now he is rumoured to be head over heels for Ellen Barkin...

    Anyone? Juicy!!!
    clooney x.jpg
  2. That was George's girlfriend???? Wow!!!
  3. ^^ That would make sense. Considering he notoriously always returns to this girl.
  4. She's Krista Allen

    She was apparently the star of "Emmanuelle in Space" a late night cable soft core porn series that ran in the mid nineties (my Bf informed me! lol) she taught aliens about human beings and human sex....hahaha..

  5. Yep. She was. We got free HBO/Cinemax one year when I was in college and we watched it just to laugh once or twice. It was just awful.

    Wait, is it TMI that I admited that? We were just 4 girls who liked watching bad TV shows. Honest.
  6. :angel:
  7. Do you mean "skinemax"?? She was on that Bravo show "project greenlight" and bf immediately said "Hey...that's Emannuelle! " :rolleyes: :lol:

    The funny thing was ...on project greenlight she was hired as the main actress and refused to do a semi nude scene! the producers were commenting that it was wierd since she knew about it when she signed on...I guess she was trying to distance herself from those days...

    I saw an episode of Emmanuelle a few weeks ago and died laughing....it was sooooo bad....
  8. She used to be on a soap. I can't remember which one... I've only seen 2 soaps my entire life (and only in flipping) so it was either Days of Our Lives, or General Hospital.

    And she was the boob girl in the elevator of some Jim Carrey movie.
    Oh! Liar Liar??

    She's really gorgeous.
  9. [​IMG]

    She sort of has Sharon Stones eyes.
    Or they share the same eyebrow groomer.
  10. She's pretty. I went on the site to look at the rest of her shirts. Some of them are funny.

    Whoa- he's with Ellen Barkin now! Some women have all the luck...she went from a fat rich billionaire to George Clooney. :angel:
  11. OK excuse me but she is HOT. Then again I'm not surprised it's George Clooney.
  12. I think she is ok! She is not that pretty!!! I think that t-shirt is from Kitson.
  13. I think she looks pretty but I hate t-shirts like that. They're so tacky. :Push:
  14. she use to be billy on days of our lives. the best soap EVER. haha