What does Genuine Leather means?

  1. Hello, This question just come to my mind suddenly. Apppreciate if anyone can answer me :smile: tia~

    Part of the reason why we buy luxury bags is because of superior material used in the making of these bags. There are however many less expensive brands that sells bags/ wallet stating Genuine Leather for under USD $100. Examples of brands are Picard and Braun Buffel. Can someone please explain to me what is the difference in the leather they use compare to our luxury bags?

    This does not apply to exotic leathers ;).

  2. H&M had some handbags in a few weeks ago that were genuine leather, but you could tell just by touching and smelling them that they were not a good quality leather. It didn't even smell like leather...smelled like hairdye for some reason.

    Usually, the difference is the quality of the leather and how it has been treated. Some companys use any ole piece of leather, while others search through the hide to find a spot that has the least imperfections.
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