What does "Full patina" look like?

  1. I see on eBay that some leather straps are very dark..almost black. :yucky: Is it common for all LV natural leather to turn to such a dark color? Anyone have pics of what a "full patina" look like? Thanks a lot! :yes:
  2. would love to see a pic ;)
  3. I think if it's super dark to the point it's black...it means it's dirty!
  4. The darkest I've ever seen was a super dark, dark chocolate colour on a Mono Speedy 25. The one I saw was surprisingly even. All the tabs, piping, handles, chads, had the same dark chocolate colour. It's dark, but not as dark as the Damier handles. When I saw it, I wondered how old it was.
  5. i can't, and i don't wanna imagine :throwup:
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  7. I think it depends on how much dirt/oil the bag is exposed to. I had a pochette for 5 years and the strap turned very very dark brown, but i've seen bags that are 10 years or older that are only a little darker than the honey color.
  8. I agree, I have yet to see a really dark patina that wasn't the result of carrying it around. The dark almost black color tends to be more dirt than patina and can be cleaned off (someone on here did it with a cerises speedy...).
  9. I dont know why, but I dont really like patina.
  10. My white MC cles is pretty much at that very advanced stage of patina, but hey, I don't have to worry about anything anymore ! :jammin:


  11. :nuts: What a gorgeous patina!! It looks so lovely with the white MC. :love:
  12. Wow ayla, that's the most patina-ed MC Cles I've seen so far! :love:
  13. ITA! :yes:;)
  14. Thanks for the pic! I find that the MC cles looks really good with dark patina! Love it! :heart: