What does "Final Cut" mean?

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  1. When I go into web sales such as Saks & Neiman where they claim to be "Final Cut" and "60%~70%off", they are not true sometimes. :confused1: When I do my calculations, they sometimes are only 40% off. And another question is.. where do all the left over go because they don't usually get rid of them all??:confused1:
  2. I think the final cut is up to 60-70% off, so only certain things have that deep of a discount. The left over items usually go to the NM Last Call stores and Off 5th stores (which are their discount stores for leftover merchandise).
    I have found that the on-line and store final cut sale prices are many times better than the discount store. I think they re-mark them when they go to their other stores.
  3. Great Question......I believe Final Cut at Saks means the final price given on their existing merchandise....which by the way, by the time it reaches final cut there ain't much to chose from, however, final cut at Saks, if my math serves me right should be, 50% off the first cut, or 16 some percent off the second cut........am I right or wrong? As to where the merchandise goes after that.....is an amazing hunt......last year at NM's Final clearance here in Miami I missed a St. John jacket because I was away on that day, I traced it, but it was not easy, from Miami it went to Houston to Houston's final clearance and then to I believe it was Dallas., anywho, my SA in Miami was unable to help me since they would not give her any info, I finally found the jacket back at Houston's Gallery final sale and ended up paying more than it was here in Miami......there is no point in trying to figure out if you paid too much, great price or market value.Again, great question, and no real answer.:heart:H
  4. llson,

    I rarely find good stuffs at off5th and Neiman Last Call. Besides, those clothes always look not so new, and I don't like searching one by one either. It's a sad thing that they cannot give deeper discount because I feel that people shop online or in store have more buying power, I believe. It's my personal opinion.

    Thank you.
  5. habanerita,

    Wow... you went through all those for a jacket. That's amazing.. You must love that piece of garment. I've been eyeing on several designer dresses, and I'm so a very big buyer. Unfortunately, I've only seen 40%~50% off on most of those dresses which I know they still make lots of money on them.. I just think they should take off more when there isn't really many selection/sizes left over.

    Thank you, too.
  6. LMAO Gotta :heart: the determination of this woman! Must be a Miami thing. :p
  7. The go to Neiman's Outlet after they leave the actual stores. But it never seems like the outlets are as great as you hope.