what does everyone work at..Or dream job!


May 16, 2006
I'd love to work for an international company where I would have the chance the learn new languages and live and visit new cultures. I'd also love to do bank-ing type things. Working in a bank, financial advisor, stock market, etc.

....Lil miss...Can I ask why you want to work at those specific stores? What would you want to do there? Be a sales associate, manager, do visual things?/
what you want to do is really interesting and very exciting too. Well start off been a sales assistant, Then I'd love to be a manager in the further. But talking about visuals etc, I'd love to work in a team designing ideas about advertising.


Aug 20, 2006
My dream job will be to escape the finance (with its daily BS) world and do something like owning my own restaurant/ cafe/ boutique/ jewellery store sooo er my dream job is not to work for someone else?! :heart:


Oh no she di-int!!
Jun 1, 2006
I'm an IT Project Manager. I LOVE running project teams, getting a group together to fix problems and, ultimately, increase business opportunities.

Ideally I'd like to be in a more creative/artsy type of career. About 10-12 years ago I was ready to pull up stakes and move to NYC to go write for Vogue or Bazaar, but I didn't pursue it. I also dreamed of being a concert pianist when I was in college. I'm very musically inclined and love performing, but ultimately decided to keep music as a hobby/solace rather than a career.


Dizziness to myself
Mar 16, 2006
If I was in lv or Chanel I'd be sooo happy . It would be great. :biggrin:

Carpe diem, seek the initiative! Why don't you send a speculative application to LVMH group :yes:. If you look on their website there are Sales Associate position available RIGHT NOW in:

Christian Dior in New York, Honolulu, Palm Beach, Boston (Saks), Las Vegas

Louis Vuitton (everywhere)

Marc Jacobs, Emilio Pucci, Thomas Pink, etc.

But cooler would be Public Relations. Some crazy lady got off an investment bank job and took a huge pay cut to become a PR for Richemont, she gets to party every night. I would like to do that as well actually. What great life that would be!