what does everyone work at..Or dream job!

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  1. Sorry if this was done already I couldn't see one.:nuts:

    What does everyone work at or what would be your dream job.:yes:

    I love to work for lv, Dior,Gucci, I Could name so many more, Or CL shoes. there so cute!;)
  2. I'd love to work for an international company where I would have the chance the learn new languages and live and visit new cultures. I'd also love to do bank-ing type things. Working in a bank, financial advisor, stock market, etc.

    ....Lil miss...Can I ask why you want to work at those specific stores? What would you want to do there? Be a sales associate, manager, do visual things?/
  3. what you want to do is really interesting and very exciting too. Well start off been a sales assistant, Then I'd love to be a manager in the further. But talking about visuals etc, I'd love to work in a team designing ideas about advertising.
  4. I currently work at Macy's as a storeline executive.
  5. I work for Bliss.
    My dream job is to work for a publishing company as a graphic designer.
  6. My dream job will be to escape the finance (with its daily BS) world and do something like owning my own restaurant/ cafe/ boutique/ jewellery store sooo er my dream job is not to work for someone else?! :heart:
  7. My dream job would be to work at a non-profit animal rescue organization:smile:
  8. my dream job is to become a flight attendant
  9. I'm an IT Project Manager. I LOVE running project teams, getting a group together to fix problems and, ultimately, increase business opportunities.

    Ideally I'd like to be in a more creative/artsy type of career. About 10-12 years ago I was ready to pull up stakes and move to NYC to go write for Vogue or Bazaar, but I didn't pursue it. I also dreamed of being a concert pianist when I was in college. I'm very musically inclined and love performing, but ultimately decided to keep music as a hobby/solace rather than a career.
  10. I work in finance as a research assistant...its pretty boring actually...I'd love to work in retail for like a high end chain but on the corporate side not the actual store.
  11. Thats deadly idea. If I won the lotto tomoro. I would make sure they had a great life and that animals wouldn't be put down. Well I would try my best.:yes:

    I'd love to design my own shoes and bag line too.:nuts:
  12. I would love to work in a high-end department store (LV, Chanel etc.) or Coach.
  13. If I was in lv or Chanel I'd be sooo happy . It would be great. :biggrin:
  14. Carpe diem, seek the initiative! Why don't you send a speculative application to LVMH group :yes:. If you look on their website there are Sales Associate position available RIGHT NOW in:

    Christian Dior in New York, Honolulu, Palm Beach, Boston ( Saks), Las Vegas

    Louis Vuitton (everywhere)

    Marc Jacobs, Emilio Pucci, Thomas Pink, etc.

    But cooler would be Public Relations. Some crazy lady got off an investment bank job and took a huge pay cut to become a PR for Richemont, she gets to party every night. I would like to do that as well actually. What great life that would be!
  15. My dream jobs:

    Jewelry designer (though I'm not sure I have the artistic talent for this)
    Travel writer
    Pro symphony musician