what does everyone think of this new color bag?

  1. i am actually thinking of getting this bag in this yellow color. I love it. looks very 60s what do you think? good or bad?
  2. That color is TDF IRL! I was at Bloomingdales the other day and saw another MBMJ bag in that color. The bag I saw is the turnlock satchel. It is the same line as this bag just different pockets. The color is called mustard. I couldn't stop thinking about it and called Bloomies to have them send it to me. The leather is wonderful, Soft and squishy. And the color is really vibrant. You will love the color and please post pics when you get it.
  3. love this color! very rich and happy! go for it!
  4. It's a really nice color, nice and bright! I don't think I could personally pull it off but if you can GO FOR IT!
  5. I was looking at that bag yesterday. Love it!!
  6. Nice bag! I think it's the one that's in the Nordstrom catalog I received in the mail today.
  7. Agreed.
  8. When I first saw it, I thought it was great!

    But the more I thought about it, it looks like the color of a purse you could get at Urban Outfitters.
  9. I like it-hope you decided to go for it
  10. Oh! I love it! I've never seen that style or color before. Get it!
  11. love it! yellow is very in!
  12. I love that color and that's a very cute bag! Let us know if you decide to get it ;)
  13. i will for sure let you gals know. I am waitin for an auction to end on eBay and if i get that one i probably wont get the yellow one.. but maybe. we will see. my friend just got them in at Nordstroms yayayay
  14. if i am going yellow, i rather do Canary. i've seen the clutch in this color and wasn't impressed.
  15. I love that color myself! On my screen it looks like the yellow color in the Epi line that LV used to have. I have a speedy like that and it never fails to elicit compliments!