What does everyone think of this bag charm?!

  1. I walked past the Swarovski store today and saw this in the window display. I tried hooking it onto the Babylone I was carrying and it looked great! I didn't buy it though because I wasn't sure if it would look as good on my Speedy. Its $115 Canadian and has a 2 year warranty.


    In the description it says:
    Rhodium-plated, large ring charm with 4 smaller charms: 2 gold-plated; 2 in clear crystal pavé; clover charm with 4 antique heart-cut clear crystals.

    Size: 12 cm

  2. There is no photo on the link...
  3. I edited it, check it out now. ;)
  4. it's nice... almost LVesque.
  5. adorable! get it!:yes:
  6. oh my goodness..it's really cute! I love it. Get it!!! I love swarovski stuff on my handbags. I buy swarovski beads & make my own keyring!
  7. Very cute :smile:

  8. love it..
  9. Gee, I was hoping that everyone would say its ugly so I wouldn't feel bad that I didn't buy it! Sigh!
  10. I think its cute as well!!!
  11. hmm- not to be a total pain but won't the silver clash with the hardware on mono bags?
  12. Anyone know if Swarovski stuff ever goes on sale? :confused1: I think the SA there said its new so if I wait maybe it'll be cheaper later?
  13. That doesn't bother me...I bought a Coach charm (with silver hardware) for my future Azur Speedy.
  14. I have not seen it go on sale. But I could be wrong.
    I love that, it looks great. What a nice find. And you will enjoy it if u do get it. :yes:
  15. Thanks, thats good to know. I didn't ask because I didn't want to be like someone at LV asking when the bags will go on sale! :roflmfao: