What does everyone think of these Arche flats?

  1. I've been hearing about how comfortable the Arche shoes are and I've always wanted to try a pair. However, I find most ot their designs a bit on the ugly side so I never bothered. I found these on sale in my size for a whopping 80% off at shoes.com. They don't look as odd as some of their designs, so I went ahead and ordered them. What does everyone think of these? The style is called Ravenna.

    Does anyone know if Arche shoes fit true to size? I'm a 9. The shoes.com site said my equivalent Arche size is a 7, so that's what I ordered.
    Arche Ravenna (Celeste).jpg
  2. I'd wear those with jeans - especially for travel.
  3. They look comfy. I LOVE those Puma's. They look comfy as well but look more stylist at the same time.
  4. They look very comfy, probably great for days when you have to do a lot of walking or standing in one spot.
  5. Thanks for the positive feedback on the Arche's. They should arrive in a few days.

    Those Puma's do look beautiful, but $250.00 is a bit much. The Arche's were just $38.00 on closeout, so it was worth taking a chance. The Alexander McQueen Puma's actually look at lot like the recently discountinued Puma "Sapata" style (which nobody bought). If you have a Puma outlet store in your area, you may still be able to find them.
  6. Received the Arche flats today. Very disappointed. They're at least a full size too small. They also seem a bit on the narrow side, but it's hard to tell since they're clearly the wrong size. The Shoes.com site said a Size 7 Arche is equivalent to a US Size 9. Apparently, they're very wrong.

    Luckily, Shoes.com has a trouble free return policy (much like Zappo's).

    The shoes do look well made and appear to be designed for comfort. However, to me, they definitely don't look like they would be worth the full retail price of over $200.