what does everyone think of the ombre maxi venetas

  1. hi, these bags have recently come to my attention,,,ebano with black and scrolling detail, I have also seen carmine and a greyish-taupe to ivory one? does anyone own one ? how can you compare to the maxi studded veneta in black? Is just a classic large black veneta the best?
  2. I personally like all of the venetas that you mentioned, I saw the greyish taupe one IRL and it looked stunning but they were a bit heavier to wear than the other venetas you mentioned and the leather feels a bit stiffer. The studded one is also lovely and very lightweight but more of a seasonal than a classic BV. If you don't have a veneta than I would definately go for a classic large black veneta as my first choice because it is to TDF leather and timeless compared to the other bags. If your not a fan of the venetas than the large campana is also a brilliant bag!
  3. thanks SYMA I think that is good advice..the classic pieces are timeless and no one knows if you bought them today or 5 yrs. ago..and I think the look of the large veneta seems to work well with everything.. I am leaning toward that because of the 1 large compartment, because doesn't the campana have 2 equal sized ones? I find it easier to put things in and remove when there is 1,and you don't always have to zip the top closed..off to the stores! 1 other question, what about the Julie bag, deerskin with a braided strap? I would like any feedback on that style..thanks
  4. The Julie is quite a deep bag and it does not have a base. If you do not mind searching deep inside your bag, I think it's a pretty style, esp in the lighter colours.
  5. thanks ms piggy ..I think you are right about digging deep into the bag, but how does the bag look on the shoulder? double strap or single? I would destroy the light colors, so maybe ebano is for me
  6. Your welcome prestwick! I just thought I'd let you know that both the large veneta and the campana have one large compartment with quite a deep zippered pocket on one side a small cell phone pocket on the other! The only difference is that the large veneta is zippered, and the campana has 2 handles and a magnetic plus strap/hook closure. If you need pics of the inside of these 2 bags I can post today :tup:
  7. I saw one of these on Sunday (a grey/lavender-ish) color, and was suprised that I actually really liked it. Usually I'd find this sort of thing a big gaudy for my taste, but I found the BV version to be quite understated and well executed. Just beautiful!
  8. prestwick- i have seen all the bags irl. the maxi's are really big and looked huge on me. they looked like luggage. i'm 5 feet 5 and didn't feel i could carry them. they are beautiful but i like a bag with less going on. between the color and the detailing although really pretty.
    julie is really nice and there is a large and small julie and it was done in a nature that looked distressed and really nice. but miss piggy is absolutely correct in that it is really deep and may be hard to organize. i always keep my things in "pouchettes" and that may help since you don't have to feel around for small things. julie has that long braided handle so you can wear her over the shoulder or hand held.
    i prefer the campana to the veneta but both are great. the campana has such good visibility with the two straps that it more than makes up for the lack of a zipper. it has a strong magnet, a clasp and a large inside zippered compartment so i feel it is quite secure.
    best bet is to try them on and see which makes your heart sing.
    good luck.
  9. Pics anyone? I am a newbie and you are speaking a foreign language to me, lol!
  10. ^ Here are pics of campanas, venetas and Julie bag (borrowed from eBay)
    bottega comparison 007.jpg bottega comparison 005.jpg julie.JPG
  11. thanks syma for all your pics...WOW , are those all your bags ( except for the Julie) THEY ARE GORGEOUS .. how long have you been collecting? when I learn how to post pics, I will put up mine...I have several, and I have gotten rid of some that I didn't wear, and now I wish I never did..
  12. Thanks prestwick! Those were all of my bags,(except the julie) the maxi stud veneta as you know got traded in for the python cocker and the medium ebano veneta just got traded in for the large ebano veneta. Personally for me the large veneta is the perfect BV size! I'm 5'6 I still have both the Campanas though. Oh and I bought my first BV a couple of years ago but all the others have been bought in the last few months!

    You have to remember that once the BV venetas get broken in, they do tend to hang a bit lower than the brand new venetas.