What does everyone think of the new Luxury Ligne?

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  1. The new Luxury Ligne for 08 has the plastic/resin chain handles instead of metal chain handles. I was wondering what everyone thinks of the look compared to the old version which had the metal chains. I am on the fence about the look and wanted to also know how the handles are holding up for anyone that owns the new ligne. I remember reading about the problems with the new modern chain ligne because of the plastic/resin handles. THANKS!!!
  2. the problem w/ the resin chains on the Modern Chain were remedied quickly.
    I prefer the metal on a "Luxury" Ligne bag personally, but I actually like the way these look.
  3. no plastic for me. it is just not worth th money and it gives off a cheap feel and look to the bag imo.
  4. no plastic for me either. Looks cheap in my opinion.
  5. no plastic for me too
  6. I don't feel plastic either. Makes bags look cheaper than the price we pay for them
  7. I prefer the old version. I have a metallic black bowler with the old (metal) chain, and I've been in the store while they had the new (resin) bowler on the shelf while carrying my bowler. My SA said several people started looking at the bowler on the shelf, and pointing to my version and asking if they had the original version instead. -So don't get me wrong, there are some fans of the new version, but I think more people tend to prefer the old/metal chain version.
  8. Me too, prefer and love the old version:smile:
  9. I also prefer the metal, but I saw the white one with the plastic, and thought it looked cool for summer!
  10. Nope. I wouldn't either. But maybe,just maybe I might if they lowered the price a bit. :idea:
  11. Definately prefer the metal.
  12. I love the older bags with the metal chains......