What does everyone think of the little E/W flap purse?

  1. I am definitely keeping my Jumbo, but yesterday I saw the E/W flap and I can't stop thinking how adorable it is! I also couldn't believe how much it actually fit! I mean of course not a tremendous amount, but definitely quite a lot! Who here has one and uses it everyday? Is it practical for day? Or more for night time?
  2. I don't own one, but i think it looks amazing, specially in red with bijoux chain :love:
  3. ^ I totally agree its beautiful....try the black lambskin one soooo prettyyyyyyy *sigh*
  4. I am seriously thinking about getting one in navy! I love it!
  5. I have the Black Caviar with old chain and LOVE IT! It's the perfect dinner and shopping bag because of the size.
  6. I have the black caviar with Bijoux chain. I love it. I carry it all of the time, except when I want to switch off for a change. I wore mine all week long, day and night, and just switched to my PST today. Great bag. It is an amazing evening bag with the new chain for dressy occasions. Everyone compliments that bag. And what is really weird, I have bags that cost double, and no compliments on those. LOL
  7. ^ I am going to check out the reference library for modeling pics! I believe the bag is less than $1500 right?
  8. Yes pre increase (who knows what it will be!) it is currently 1395 in caviar
  9. Here is mine with the new chain. This sucker holds more than you would think!

  10. ^^^^^WOW thats hot! I love the black with silver!

    OMG!!! Well in that case I may try and get one for the EGC event if I can track one down at a Saks!
  11. do you think that a red one can still be found?
  12. you will have to hunt down a red one.....not easy to come by.
  13. I just got the dark red lambskin e/w with silver hw, and love it. I usually carry a jumbo or some other large bag but when going out at night or shopping I just can't stand the shoulder pain after a couple of hours so this is perfect! Plus, it forces me to carry less..
  14. Irish girl... do you have pics?
  15. Its a pochette sized bag, without looking like you're carrying a pochette. I think everyone needs at least one E/W bag.;)