what does everyone think of jumbo flap in patent??

  1. I am thinking of getting the jumbo flap in patent?!?!? what does everyone think???:tup:
  2. Hell yes!!!

    Its stunning in the Patent, cannot think of one good reason to not go for it :biggrin:
  3. I love mine - I have both the navy and black. They always attract compliments and are 2 of the best bags I have ever bought.
  4. Jumbo patent is a great choice, enjoy it!
  5. I like patent in dark or subtle colours while I think in stark colours it looks plastic or vinyl
  6. i have the navy patent and i love it! she's so versatile and i am a sucker for patent!
  7. I want one sooo bad!!! But i cant find one :sad: if you can find a patent jumbo GET IT!!!
  8. They are stunners. Especially the Blush and Black. :drool:
  9. Patent? I havent seen one offhand but i can imagine the dark navy would like really nice
  10. THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP:rolleyes::rolleyes::woohoo:
  11. i don't really into it :smile:
  12. it's stunning ~ in particular the navy ~ & the blush is gorgeous too ~ just too big on me ~ :sad: ~ do post pics when you get her
  13. Loveit in navy!
  14. Love it in Navy and Blush, both are so shiny and gorgeous!
  15. Love my black one... I'll never forget the day I saw her in Bergdorf's... I didn't hesitate to buy her for a second, and I still sigh every time I take her out of the dustbag! :yes: