what does everyone think of ciao as a purse?

  1. Anyone have photos of the small ciao on a body so I know just how big it is?
    I found the perfect print, but I'm not sure the bag is big enough for me...... :heart:
  2. There are some in "the great bag reference post"
    I like it because you can wear it unfolded if you need the extra space.
  3. I don't have a picture, but I think it's a great size, especially unfolded!
  4. thanks! you're awesome! I should have seen that (very helpful) post before.. Does it look weird unfolded? I can't tell from those pics.
  5. mia, much MUCH smaller than gioco, though, right?... I am so used to carrying everything around!!
  6. when it's folded it's smaller than a gioco all right...
  7. To me, even unfolded, the ciao is small... I'm a person that carries a LOT of stuff in my purses and if I were to put it into a ciao - unfolded - it'd look like crap because it'd just be super bulky.
  8. It's smallish... I don't usually do small bags though and I really like it. I think I like that it's not huge but it does have some surface space to it so I don't feel like I'm carrying a barbie purse or something.
    I prefer it folded over but it's nice to have the option to unfold it if you need a little more space. I carry a fair amount of stuff, but most of it's fairly flat so I don't have any problem.
  9. Much much smaller. Less of a pain to carry though since you can wear it cross body.
  10. I really like the Ciao when I am doing a lot of walking and don't need to bring a lot with me. Like robotkitten said, it's nice to wear across body so you can be hands free. On a regular basis, I do prefer the larger bags (i.e. Zucca) because it carries so much.
  11. the ciao is really awesome. It's kinda like a "slingpack" from Coach when UNfolded. Very slim and can be worn cross-body or not. It is definitely not a big bag however but still holds all of my essentials. Some ppl who have lots of essentials, it may not work....
  12. ooo i love my Ciao's!! I do carry lots of stuff when i use my BV or Zucca, but it's so nice to be able to carry a small purse when you don't feel like lugging a big bag around. I just used my ciao today at the mall! I just took the essentials i needed! =)
    Ciao's aren't easy to find sometimes, so I say get it while you can - imho =)
  13. I think the ciao is adorable but it's definitely too small for me. I think you can just about hold the essentials in it. So depending on what you want to carry you should be able to decide if it's a good bag for you. I personally think it looks kinda funny if you wear it unfolded but that's JMO. Let us know what you decide! :graucho:
  14. It's pretty versatile to. I had my Pirata Ciao at Disneyworld and had it unfolded and fullish and wore it cross body during the day and then at night I had the strap short and less full and folded over to make it a little nicer for night. It's kind of a good compromise if you're not sure exactly what bag you need for the day.
  15. Oo... all of this talk is making me want one :cry: Maybe that'll be what I save up for next...