What does everyone think about the vintage XL Lambskin Jumbo?

  1. I may get one instead of a new caviar Jumbo. What do you guys think of the XL vintage one? Is it good for everyday? Even though it's Lambskin. I love the size but I wanna hear opinions please :smile:

    I heard this one is really heavy. True?
  2. The bag is rather heavy but if you have a lot of junk in you bag, like I do, then it's a great size. I also have a 227 reissue and I have to leave some of the junk out when I am using it.
  3. I wouldn't carry lambskin everyday-caviar would take the wear and tear
  4. I own one jumbo vintage flap bag which has the same style as Nicole Richie...well, i love the size as it can hold lots of things and i usually carry it for work. Yes, it's rather heavy esp due to the chain, for me i don't bother so much as i jus love it that way.
  5. Yes, it's heavy, but that also has a lot to do with the heaviness of the chains.

    I find the lambskin leather of the XL Jumbo much more sturdier and durable than the current Jumbo's. This bag can really take a lot.
  6. I love the size and shape of Nicole's XL. It's on my wish list. I have a new jumbo caviar, but I still would love to have a vintage XL.
  7. So do you think I would be happy using it as my everyday bag? Or should I stick with getting a new caviar Jumbo instead? I didn't find that one that heavy at all.
  8. I have the xl jumbo and dont find it heavy at all. I guess I am used to lugging chloe paddingtons around all day - now that is a heavy bag!
  9. i love the vintage jumbos! i have one coming that i bought off eBay last week.
    I don't mind if it is heavy because they're so nice :p
  10. I don't think they are heavy at all.
  11. Is there any difference between vintage jumbo and new jumbo? I feel that I am much more in love with the vintage ones than new ones.
  12. I have a jumbo but would love to add a vintage xl "a la Nicole" to my collection, I think they are gorgeous-Get It!!!:heart:H
  13. Congratulations! Don't forget to show us pics!