What does everyone think about the Babylone?

  1. I noticed that hardly anyone talks about or owns this bag. Whats wrong with it? Looks like a nice roomy shoulder bag with no vachetta bottom and a zip top!
  2. Some pfers have this bag. It's a nice large bag, but it's not wide enough for its size to be practical.
  3. my friend likes this bag but something about it makes it look too dated, IMO.
    i think i've only seen about 2 IRL. thinking about getting one?
  4. It's nice but for some reason I don't really like the shape or how it flares out at the top.
  5. [​IMG]

    you must have ESP, I was just looking at this on elux!! How funny!
    But I think it's too big for me.
  6. i like it bc not many have it, but have never considered it for some reason i can't explain. something about the shape bothers me, but i can not put my finger on it.....
  7. Well, I'm looking for a nice tote bag that can carry a light jacket. BV has an open top, cabas mezzo has a vachetta bottom, but babylone has no vachetta bottom AND a zip top! :nuts: I'm just wondering why its not popular.
  8. good to know pinki...i was considering this or cabas piano for my next bag and i definitely was looking for the bag that was roomiest..i liked the vertical trim on the babylone but i need to be able to carry alot!!!
  9. I really like it! I think it's very sophisticated, understated.
  10. I have a Babylone - it's a beautiful bag. You will love it. Mine's a little heavy is all (the older style with the cowhide lining).
  11. I love this bag. :biggrin:
  12. i LOVE it if i could afford it, it would be MINE!
  13. There are a few going at a good price on eBay!
  14. I don't care for it because it's too structured. You can't very well put too much in it because it's not wide enough. I prefer the Sac Shopping but then I'm drawn to discontinued bags.
  15. This is a great bag and it looks better in person than in pics. IMO it does fit a lot of stuff. I know someone with this bag and they love it, no vachetta bottom and its very comfortable over the shoulders.