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  1. About the Soho Signature Berry Hobo? I have a 50.00 off coupon coming and I have about a 220.00 credit. I have really been considering this bag. The price is great but is it boring? It would be my first signature piece. I tend to only buy Legacy and Bleecker items. I have always considered myself to be not a signature kind of girl. For some reason I am drawn to this. I just love the berry color so much. Be brutally honest, what do you think about it?

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  2. I don't care for it. I'm not big into the signature anymore (I use to be especially the Carly's). I love the pink but the bag just seems plain IMO. Too bad they don't have a magenta trimmed Carly...I'd be ALL over that!
  3. IMHO, I like the signature/style of it cuz I LOVE signature bags, BUT for some reason this bag isn't calling me at all... I like the look of it, but I think its too plain... I wish there was more of the "berry" color on it... it seems like there is too much signature on it... if there was more hardware on the bag then for sure... but if you like it, I say go for it! :tup:
  4. I think is is very pretty. I don't own signature but I admire if from afar. This bag is a good one to buy but I am partial to hobos so that's why I like it.
  5. I like it but I'd have to see the slouch. I like hardware on my bags! BUT if the slouchy looks great when it's filled, I'd be all over this bag. I LOVE the pink trim. LOVE IT! And the handle is badass.
  6. i have a carly sig and i dont think im over it yet..but this bag can be a bit boring,i must admit..mebbe accesorizing it with a bit of color will do the trick.? :confused1:
  7. I think it's really cute and I love the color! :tup: I know there were atleast 2 girls on here though that went to buy it and said irl it was really plain.. I have only seen it online but I really like it. The main thing is if YOU Like it because you are the one that has to wear it. :yes: If you do get it, be sure and post pics! :tup:
  8. BTW I stold this from the catwalk, this is Jade Sparkle (hope you don't mind) with her black one, to give you an idea of the slouch, etc. HTH! :tup:
  9. It is SUPER good slouchy!!!!! I have it in the black/white combo and it's really a cute and comfortable bag! (I used mine for a week but am selling it to help fund another pleated satchel! LOL!)
  10. I love this bag! I don't think it's boring at all...with a color as bright as this pink, I don't think you need a lot of it to make a statement. I think this bag is a great bag. I actually think this bag is pretty classic too...because I think a Coach soho hobo will pretty much always be in style. And the pink makes it different from the brown ones I always see. I think it would be so fun for spring too! And the detailing of the braided strap is so pretty! I'd say go for it! I almost did!
  11. I pretty much live in Black and Brown so I really like to use my bag as my "color". I have not made a decision yet. I think the real question might be if I am ready to cross-over from all leather to signature.
  12. I have this bag in the medium and I have not put it down since I got it over two weeks ago. I Love that is isn't overly pink, I think that adds to the classiness of the bag, and makes it easier to not have to plan outfits to wear with it since it isn't overly pink. I love the braided strap because it stays on the shoulder so nice, and I love the slouch of the bag. It holds approximately the same amount as my medium Carly's do, so it is perfect for me. Hope that helps!

  13. Any pics?!? :graucho: :P
  14. Just this one

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  15. I like it! I say go for it!